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Women Now Drink As Much As Men And Suffer Health Effects More Quickly : Health


You didn’t read the article. I don’t even have to ask, I already know the answer to that.

Yes, until the 90s studies of this nature were mostly focused on men. How do I know that? It wasn’t your comment, it was literally stated in the article.

This study was based on reports from 2000 all the way to 2016. Early on, the study found that men consumed about 3 times as much alcohol as women. Before that? Who knows, doesn’t matter for what this study is trying to convey it found. What it did find is that over the decade and a half, the rate of consumption changed such that men and women consumed about as much as of 2016, with younger women consuming more than men in some cases.

Is there an issue with how women were ignored in older studies? Definitely, but the researchers haven’t yet found a time machine to go back and extend the study to 1900 or whenever you want the study to start.


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