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The 7 Best Tone Generator and Probe Kit Reviews and Buying Guide


Locating and fixing the cable that caused the breakdown of your telephone, computer, printer or any other device is a headache for everyone. It seems even more horrible to you when the wires are in bundle without having any marking to identify them.

So, is there any way you can make your, this task easier?

Yes, we have the solution for you. Tone Generators and Probe kits are the devices that help you simplify your wire finding task from taking hours to just seconds.

The tone generator produces the tone in the affected cable and using the probe you can search in the panel where this cable is connected.

Your probe kit easily finds the location of affected cable in the panel, as it starts producing sound when it reaches the location of cable.

Using their pointed long tip on the head you can easily dip it into the bundles of wire where your hands cannot reach. This way you can easily find the affected cable in your panel and repair it to let your devices running.

But being a noob, you may easily be fooled by mischievous sellers around you. Don’t worry here in this article we have mentioned the best Tone Generator and Probe Kit brands that you can buy.

The brands we have mentioned here can send the tone generated over ten miles without getting diminished. The probe kits in this article, carry interesting tone sound and have loudspeakers that you can easily here in a very noisy environment also.

This article carries the most authentic reviews directly from the users who have used these brands. Go through these product reviews and select the brand that suits you best.

Before we move further go through following three important factors to consider before buying our kit –

  • Cadence: It means how much distinct sound you will get from your probe. It also means how many distinct signals your tone generator can produce at a time. This directly affects the ability of your toner to test multiple wires at a time. As the cadence increase, you can test multiple wires at a time.
  • Speaker: It tells you about the sound quality you get from your probe. Your speaker should be loud enough to give you high-quality sound even in a noisy environment.You may also seek the probes with earphone jacks in them so that you can hear the sound using an earphone. It is of utmost help in heavy noised environment.
  • Led Display : There might be chances that you miss the sound signal due to noisy environment. To prevent you facing this problem probe kits come with a led display that gives you a visual representation of all the results you get from your kit.

It also tells you about the battery life of your kit and awares you of overloading conditions to prevent any damage to you and your kit.

But there’s much more to keep in mind before buying your tone and probe kit. You should refer our easy to understand Buying Guide to know other factors that affect the performance your tone and probe kit

After spending lot of time and doing all the hard work we have shortlisted following Top 7 Tone Generator and Probe Kit for you to buy

7 Best Tone Generator and Probe Kit

7 Best Tone Generator and Probe Kit Reviews

1. Fluke Networks Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit 

Fluke Networks

First in our list, Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit from Fluke Networks comes with Smart Tone technology that gives you 5different sounds while identifying the wire pairs. This technology aids you in tracing non-active wiring, this makes fluke brand more versatile then rest of brands in our list.

This tone generator kit has the range of transmitting its signal up to 10miles. With its high-volume speaker, you get to hear the signal sound very loudly in noisy environments.

Your toner also carries a lanyard that enables you to hang your toner, making your hands free of stress from holding the toner.

Another thing that gives you the confidence to buy this kit, is its durability. You will be happy to know that your kit lasts for years provided you carry out proper maintenance of it.

It also has a noise filter that helps you in easing your wire identification process in a bundle of wires. You don’t get this feature with other brands.

With its feedback feature, you can easily verify cables by shorting the pairs of those cables. To save the battery life of your kit, the probe shuts off automatically after 5minutes of non-used timing.

I know you want to know the shortcomings of this brand. But sorry we weren’t able to find much cons of this except the only thing which we didn’t liked that is its relatively higher price.

But this price is justified also according to the features you get with this brand. To sum up, the Fluke Tone Generator is a great product for you to have in your tool kit.

What we like 

  • Ten miles range for tone propagation
  • Durable lifetime.
  • Probe shuts off automatically to save your battery.
  • Feedback feature eases your task.
  • Lanyard makes your work hands free.

What we don’t like 

  • Higher price when compared to other brands.

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2. Tempo Communications 701K-G Tone and Probe Kit 


Having served customers across America, Europe, Africa and Asia from 150years, TEMPO (formerly GREENLY) has a good track record of delivering high-quality innovative solutions. All their products are ISO-9001 certified. It enables technicians like you to achieve their goals faster and easier.

You can easily test continuity or find the polarity of your cable as it can be used for twisted-pair wiring, single conductors, coaxial cables, and de-energized AC wiring. It features both led as well as beeping response.

You also get a 200EP-G tone probe amplifier that features a powerful speaker and lets you use it in an extremely noisy environment. It also has a volume control button using which you can adjust the volume according to your environment.

It also carries a headset audio jack to allow you listen to the beeps clearly. Your probe can be easily operated just with a single on/off button. The probe doesn’t require any metallic contact for identifying wire pairs and cables.

This tone and probe kit also allows you to check-Voltage on wire pairs which is very helpful for low voltage applications like such as telephone, data and security alarm wiring.

Talking about performance TEMPO’s new Tone and Probe kits are faster, safer and easier than ever before. For safe custody of your tone and probe kit you also get a rugged woven nylon carrying case which lasts longer.

To sum up, this Tone and Probe Kit is a one-stop solution if you are looking for precise and accurate tone generator set. What makes you more inclined towards this is its 1year warranty that ensures its quality and durability.

What we liked 

  • Powerful speaker for noisy areas.
  • Adjustable Volume control button.
  • Frequency range from 890-960HZ.
  • Can easily check low voltage lines like Telephone.
  • Nylon carrying case for safekeeping of kit.
  • Accurate and precise.
  • The probe comes with a replaceable tip.

What we didn’t like 

  • You may find the probe catching interference sometimes.
  • A bit on expensive side.

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3. Klein Tools VDV500-820 Cable Tracer with Probe Tone Pro Kit 

Klein Tools

Committed to American Manufacturing, since 1857. Klein Tools is dedicated to manufacturing the world’s finest hand tools right here in America for professional tradesmen worldwide.

Extremely user friendly this tone and probe kit tester is very popular among electricians. You can use it for testing all kinds of common wires that include coaxial wires, twisted wired, de-energized AC wires etc.

Your Klein tool comes with advanced features to give you more accurate results. It comes with a Led display to let you read the results on screen also along with hearing sound. It will prevent you from missing any sound signal which you may miss in a high noise environment.

Led display also awares you of overloading of your kit, that keeps you safe from any kind of hazard due to overloading.

Electricians keep this product in the heavy-duty category as it comes with two 9volt batteries that make your kit last for up to 5000hrs. Its auto-power off feature further saves your battery life by getting switch off automatically after several minutes of inactivity from your side.

With its low battery indicator, you can timely replace the battery of your kit to prevent any inconvenience you may face at the worksite. Like Fluke, Klein also comes with 5distinct sounds to let you detect 5different wires in a bundle simultaneously.

You also get a padded zipper bag you can keep your device safe from any damage. Further, its two years of warranty gives assurance to help you in replacing any damaged or broken part of your kit easily.

To sum up, this is the best buy for those electricians who keep travelling to their work sites. As its high battery life removes your worry of replacing its battery frequently.

What we liked 

  • 5000hrs of battery life.
  • Comes with a padded zipper bag.
  • Auto power-off feature saves battery.
  • Produces 5distinct sounds.
  • Led display for battery life and other readings.
  • Two years of warranty.

What we didn’t like 

  • Batteries are difficult to access.

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4. Walfront 200EP High Accuracy Cable Tone Generator and Probe Kit 


Weighing just 10.6ounces Walfront Tone Generator Kit is a perfect buy if you are seeking a low-cost tone generator kit. It helps you in line tracking, short circuit testing, clear/busy/ringing identification etc.

It is very simple to use and gives you accurate results every time you use it. The probe has a built-in speaker and insulated body that prevents any chance of short-circuiting that may arise during contact with the conductor cable.

Your kit comes with a replaceable tip for probe kit so that if the existing tip becomes less sensitive you can easily replace it with the alternate tip. Using its clamp mode, you can easily use it for direct measurements along with telephone and network line measurement.

Your kit requires 9V battery for functioning and carries a battery life of 50hrs with it, however, you will not like that battery is not included in your purchase. The probe also carries a volume adjustable button to let you adjust the sound as per your need.

You don’t need to worry about its durability as your kit can resist temperature ranges from 0 to 50 °C, you also get a carrying cover case with it for the safe custody of your kit to prevent it from any damage.

You will like the fact that it is low priced, however, the sound quality probe produces, is compromised and you need to be very attentive as you may miss the beep sound in a very noisy environment, this is the only drawback it carries.

What we liked 

  • The probe is sensitive hence catches the tone quickly.
  • The durable body resists high temperatures.
  • Adjustable volume button.
  • Low price and carries carrying case.
  • Replaceable probe tip.
  • Accurate results.

What we didn’t like 

  • Sound produced by the probe is low volume.
  • Battery is not included in the purchase.

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5. Elegiant RJ11 RJ45 Cable Tester Tone Generator and Probe Kit 


Working with the idea of becoming an electronic giant, Elegiant manufactures products that are intended at making your lifestyle better. They have sold over 50million units in 10countries US, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Holland and Australia.

This tone generator is intended to be used for RJ11 and RJ45 ports it is a good choice for you to sort out cable ends from chaos and bundle of twisted pair lines.

You can utilize this kit to test LAN connections from the fibre optic network terminal. Talking about its working, this one of the kits which you will find very easy to use because of its multiple user interface features.

Your tone is fitted with an amplifier speaker that lets you hear the sound even in a very noisy environment. It also has the earphone jack and comes with an earphone that lets you listen sound easily without interference.

You can also control the volume using its adjustable volume control button as per your need. To give you enhanced performance it also has a flashlight on tip of probe that lets you find your cable under too dark conditions very easily.

The best thing is it works on 9V battery however the battery is not included in this purchase. The most positive thing about this product is it has a very low price.

However, this low price adds limitations to it like the power switch is too loose and can get on itself on little accidental pressure hence draining its battery life. Its tone feature works only on RJ11 ports. You also can’t expect much accuracy from this model.

What we like 

  • Easy to operate.
  • Comes with an earphone.
  • Carries an LED flashlight to work in dark conditions.
  • Adjustable volume control.

What we didn’t like 

  • Power switch gets on of own accidentally.
  • Tone features work only for RJ11 ports.

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6. PTE Wire Tracer & Circuit Tester Tone Generator Probe Kit 


PTE is aimed at creating affordable products for both amateurs as well as professionals. All their products are easy to use and give you reliable performance without cutting your pocket much.

Another low-price Tone Generator and Probe Kit in our list, PTE brand are easy to use and you can use it for continuity testing in your circuit and wire tracing (tone mode) in your panel with bundled wires.

Your tone generator has Led light indication to tell you whether it is running on continuity mode or tone mode. You can easily switch between both modes using its easy to click the switch button.

You can use it in Tone (or wire tracing mode) using only its one alligator clip. Your probe kit features sensitivity control that helps you in avoiding false detections.

Thanks to its continuity mode you can easily check for short and open circuits, further using its RJ11 port you can use it for telephone systems and other networking systems with ease. You need to use both alligator clips in continuity mode.

Your kit uses two 9V batteries to function but you need to purchase them separately. Your probe has a loud noise to let you hear the beep in a noisy environment, but you can alter the volume using its rotating volume control button with your thumbs.

What gives you the confidence to buy this is PTE tone generator and probe kit has been awarded Best Value Wire Tracer by CarBibles. You also get a year warranty to get assured that your kit is durable and performs well in every condition.

What we like 

  • Low price and good performance.
  • Led indicator to differentiate between tone mode and continuity mode.
  • Volume control button.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Sensitivity control avoids false detection.

What we didn’t like 

  • Battery is not included in the purchase.
  • Led flash not on the probe to work in low light.
  • Earphone jack is not there for noisy environment.

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7. Jonard Tools TETP-900 Multi-Function Cable Tester Toner and Probe Kit 


Founded in 1958 Jonard Tools produces new innovations every month such is their expertise. All their products are designed in an ethical way that they are called as made for the life you get lifetime durability of these products.

Their TETP-900N Toner and Probe kit is nothing different. With this purchase, you get a multi-purpose cable tester and toner which is designed to carry out continuity and testing of RJ45, BNC, F coaxial cable and 6P2C/4P2C jacks.

The probe carries two musical tones two let you choose your favourite music while testing. It also has led indicator to let you know signal strength if it is high the bulb will glow brightly if low then it will get dim.

It also features a headphone jack to enable you to listen to the signal even in a high noise environment. With its volume control button, you can easily change the level volume of your music. Running on battery Jonard provides you with 9volt batteries to run your tone and probe kit.

The accessory you will buy will consist of the following items –

Two BNC to F connector adapters, 50 Ohm BNC terminator, BNC cable jumper, F connector jumper, RJ45 cable jumper and a belt clip. This increases the versatility of your kit and you can use it for multiple purposes.

To sum up our review, we will call this product as an expensive but most durable toner and probe kit in our list. It is a perfect buy for you if you are a Voice Data Video (VDV) Professional.

What we liked 

  • Multipurpose Tone and Probe kit.
  • Comes with the led indicator to test the strength of signal.
  • Headphone jack to get clear sound in high noise environment.
  • Provides two musical tones to choose from.
  • Battery is included.
  • Most durable brand in this list.

What we didn’t like 

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How To Choose Your Tone Generator And Probe Kit?

With various sellers roaming in the market to make Charlie out of you. You should be aware of what to buy and what to not. And we have helped you in getting confident while deciding which brands you can buy in this article.

But you should be aware of what features you need in your purchase and what not. To help you sort out that we have created this buying guide. Go through it and select your best Tone Generator and Probe Kit.

1. Cadence 

The tone produced by your toner is technically called as cadence. Toners in the market come with different sets of tone. You will find some toner having only single tones while others will give you multiple tones having different levels.

But the maximum limit to cadence a toner can have is 5 so if you want some interesting time while doing testing with your kit, go for higher cadence else low or high cadence doesn’t matters much.

2. Speaker 

Speakers are the most important of any tone and probe kit. Mounted on probe they help you identify the wire you are searching by producing loud beeping sound.

Go for the one that produces enough volume so that you can hear that in a noisy environment. Also, focus on the adjustable volume control button of your speaker to control the level of volume produced.

If you are working in a too noisy environment then you might consider a probe kit having earphone jack in it. It will give you clear and crisp sound directly in your ears and you will not miss any signal whatever be the case.

3. LED display 

LED in your tone and probe kit is of utmost importance. We will recommend you to buy the brand which carries this feature with it. LED display gives you your results in visual forms also if you somehow miss the audio signal you will never miss the digital signal.

Apart from the testing results some probe kit also notifies you of a low battery as well, they also notify you if overloading of the probe. Thereby it prevents your probe from damaging also.

One thing you can conclude here is speaker may not give you the accurate location of your wire in the bundle of wires as it will depend upon the loudness produced. However, led gives you more accuracy because you will be seeing the signal strength on the led display panel.

4. Cablemap ability 

Cablemap ability is associated with your toner. It helps you in detecting wrongly placed wires that too when wires are twisted chaotically. It will prevent your panel from doing wiring mistakes that will save your panel from short-circuiting.

So always buy a toner that has this feature as it eliminates the need for you to have a wire map that will add extra cost to you and consumes extra space in your tool kit.

5. Signal Transmission length 

This tells you how much distance your toner can transmit the toned signal. Choose your toner on the basis of your work location. If you are an electrician who is working on long distant cables then buy the toner with long signal transmission toner. Be clear where you are going to use your toner and then buy the one as per your need.

6. Battery Durability 

Tone and Probe kit run on batteries. This might or might not be sold with your kit. So always check before buying whether you are getting batteries in your purchase or not.

But our point is in how much time the battery of your toner kit drains. If it drains quickly then it is not efficient. So always check user reviews of battery backup of your brand before going to buy your toner kit.

Don’t worry the brands we have mentioned here don’t drain in battery life frequently.

7. Accessories 

Accessories are the equipment which you get with your kit. It includes connectors, adapters, earphones, batteries and various other things.

Different brands offer you distinct accessories with your purchase. But as this number of accessories increases, it will add extra cost to your purchase. Select the accessories as per your needs.

8. Warranty

Every electrical device manufactured carries the threat with it to get malfunctioned. So, what prevents you from trouble against this is the warranty that your brand provides you on your purchase.

So always go for the brand that provides you with significant warranty years on your purchase.

9. Price 

Last in our list but very first thing to consider, Price is the most important thing you need to keep in your mind. Our temptation is always inclined towards buying a cheaper product.

But in the case of electronics item, cheap products will not last long and give you troubled performance also. So, to get quality you must not refrain from spending money on your purchase. But of-course it should not be out of your affordability.

Luckily all the brands we have mentioned here, are economical according to the features they carry with them. They all are able to save your pocket along with giving you expected performance.


In this article, we have covered all your questions related to Tone generator and probe kit. And now you can easily make the decision which brand to buy. All the brands we have mentioned are here well in your budget range and give you the performance you desire.

But our top pick for you is Fluke Networks Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit.

Its 10miles of signal transmission range is unmatched by any other brand in our list. It also carries an auto switch-off feature that saves your battery life significantly. The other thing that makes it our recommended product is its build quality, it is durable and cooperates you in every environment.


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