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The 7 Best Jigsaws Reviews and Buying Guide


Jigsaw is a versatile tool that allows to saw various materials like wood, metal, plastic, gypsum board & ceramic tiles in both straight and curved cuts. So, there are many jigsaw products flooded in the market with various styles, designs, cutting capacity and power sources.

This makes a somewhat difficult task to choose your best one. So, as a buyer you should keep these 2 main things in mind to get the best jigsaw.

Power Source – In general, the jigsaw works on two main types of power sources – Electric (corded, suitable for cutting various materials but has limited work area) and Battery (cordless, runtime depends on the battery charge and can work on any place). So, choose the one, as per your requirement.

Motor – Motor will provide the essential energy throughout the jigsaw to make it work properly. It has two types – brushed (mostly for corded models) and brushless (for cordless models) forms. Also, one has to consider the motor speed and power before purchasing.

Other than these 2 main points, one has to consider various other factors, which are clearly mentioned in the below Comprehensive “Buying Guide”. Also, we have provided a list of some best-selling jigsaw product. So, scroll down to know how to choose and where to purchase this jigsaw.

We have created a list of best-selling jigsaws in the market (after having thorough research). This will help you narrow down the options and select the best one. So, have a look on these products.

Best Jigsaws

7 Best Jigsaws Reviews

1. Dewalt Jig Saw

dewalt jig saw

This DCS334B jigsaw is a cordless model that comes with a powerful motor for extreme runtime and excellent performance. The motor speed will be up to 3200 SPM and has variable speed trigger and dial to get control over the speed. The 4-position orbital action will provide optimal cutting with professional results of variety of material (on any type of cutting).

The LED light will illuminate the dim workspace and allow you to follow the cut lines effectively. the all metal, lever action keyless blade clamp helps you to have easy and quick blade changes of this T-shank jigsaw blades. One can easily adjust the detents of shoe bevel at 0°, 15°, 30° & 45°. The removable shoe cover will protect the material from getting scratches and the dust blower will remove all the dust and debris from the cut line.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 8.2 X 1.8 X 6.4 inches
  • Weight – 4.2 pounds
  • Speed – 3200
  • Material – Metal
  • Power Source – Battery Powered
  • Voltage – 20V
  • Bevel Angle – 0 to 45°
  • Battery Type – Lithium Ion
  • Motor Type – Brushless

Things we liked:

  • Brushless motor will deliver longer runtime and efficient performance.
  • The compact size will give easy grip and maximum control.
  • LED light will provide better lighting on the dark workplace.
  • Well-built tool with good battery life that used for detailed cuts.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Battery and charger are not included in this pack and one has to buy them separately.
  • It won’t come with any warranty.

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2. Bosch Jig Saw 

bosch jig saw

This JS470E is a corded model that comes with top handle, low vibration, power motor (7 amps), and variable speed for smooth cutting of various materials (wood – 5 7/8 inches, steel – 3/8 inches). It exudes durability, power and precision and the cast aluminum footplate and excellent industrial design that make it to withstand any toughest job.

The accuracy and precision cut made by this jigsaw will make it perfect for either personal (DIYer) or professional. It comes with no load SPM ranges from 500 – 3100 and the maximum bevel cut angle is 45°. Bosch developed a constant response circuitry that makes you not to worry about inconsistencies in precision and performance. One can easily adjust the blade between 4 different orbital action settings, that allow you to find the right kind of blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts.

The tool-less blade ejection lever to eject the hot blades without touching it. The plunging system of this machine will aid in low vibration and enhance smooth & accuracy operation. The lock-on button will help for the stead cuts and user comfort for a longer time. The adjustable dust blower will help to clear the sawdust and other debris to keep the cutting line clear and large.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 15.8 X 14.5 X 4.5 inches
  • Weight – 5.9 pounds
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Motor Power – 7 amps
  • Speed – 500 to 3100 SPM
  • Cord Length – 10 feet
  • Handle – Top Handle
  • Color – Blue
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Cutting Capacity – 5 7/8 inches (wood), 7/8 inches (aluminum) & 3/8 inches (steel).
  • Bevel Cut Angle – 45°
  • Voltage – 120V

Things we liked:

  • The 4 in 1 orbital action tool settings will provide different blade strokes for aggressive to smooth cuts, even for tough cutting tasks.
  • It is lightweight and perfect for woodworking, countertop installation, furniture building, professional woodworkers or DIYer’s.
  • Comes with various features like variable speed control, blade ejection lever, built-in dust blower and has die-cast aluminum and steel construction.
  • It comes with longer runtime when provided with a proper power source.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Clamps are not included in the pack and has to work on anti-splinter guard.
  • This tool won’t cut perfect at 45-degree.

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3. Black + Decker Jig Saw

black jig saw

Our next best product is from Stanley Black & Decker, which is a world leading provider of tools, commercial electronic security and engineered fastening systems. This BDEJS600C jigsaw comes with a powerful motor of 5 amps hitting the exact power needed for professionals.

This jigsaw comes with various features like variable speed control, adjustable shoe, and dust blower that are required for you to complete your project. The top handle will allow you to handle this device properly either for smooth cuts or curved cuts. The curve control technology will allow the user to adjust this saw’s orbit properly in 1 of 4 customized settings, as per your desired cutting level.

It can make 45° bevel cut with the help of adjustable shoe and the speed of the motor is 3000 SPM. The keyless blade clamp will allow you to have tool free blade change (accepts both T and U shank blades) in an easy and quick way. It has a new and improved wire guard that allows you to have more precise cuts.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 11.8 X 4.4 X 9.2 inches
  • Weight – 4.6 pounds
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Voltage – 120 V
  • Cutting Capacity – 3/4 inches
  • Speed – 3000 SPM
  • Motor Power – 5 amps
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Bevel Cut Angle – 25° & 45°

Things we liked:

  • Comes with various features like variable speed control, adjustable shoe, dust blower, & top handle.
  • Ideal for cutting variety of materials.
  • The new and improved wire guard provides clear line of sight.
  • The beveling adjustable shoe will allow the user to have angled cuts in both directions.
  • Curve control will adjust orbit for desired cutting application.
  • Value for money & Budget friendly product.

Things we didn’t like:

  • It is a little bit noisier and won’t have proper trigger lock while operating.
  • The length of the power cord (7 feet long) may not be suitable for all users (especially for professionals).

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4. Makita Jig Saw

makita jig saw

Makita XVJ032 LXT is a lithium-ion cordless jig saw that aids in precise jigsaw cutting performance with less vibration and noise to provide comfort and proper control over the saw. Its motor engineered for versatile power and its ergonomic design comes in a compact size.

It is lightweight to reduce the fatigue feel in the operator and gives comfort to the user. The Makita – built variable speed motor will deliver speed that range from 0 – 2600 SPM to ensure a fast and efficient cutting. Also, it has large 2-finger variable speed trigger for user convenience operation.

This versatile tool has 3 orbital settings along with straight cutting to use in a variety of materials. the star protection computer controls will protect the device from overloading, overheating and over-discharging. It is sold as bare tool (battery not included). So, one has to purchase it separately but make sure to use genuine Makita batteries and chargers.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 3.6 X 12.3 X 9.1 inches
  • Weight – 5 pounds
  • Power Source – Battery Powered
  • Type of Battery – Lithium Ion
  • Voltage – 18 V
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Speed – 0 to 2600 SPM
  • Motor Type – Brushless

Things we liked:

  • The tool less blade change will allow the user to have fast replacement of blade to increase the productivity.
  • It comes with heavy gauge, precision machined base to give smooth, accurate cutting along with added durability.
  • Its lithium ion batteries will have faster charge time. So, this machine spends more time on working and less time on charging.
  • It is lightweight, portable and compact device that allows the user to use it effectively without any fatigue feel.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The battery and charger are not included in this pack. One has to buy it separately.
  • Need to work on the blade removal guard to make the blade not to get loose or floppy.

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5. Meterk Jig Saw

Meterk Jig Saw Next on our list is Meterk’s jigsaw. This jigsaw runs on a 800W copper motor that drives it to 3000 SPM. The motor features 6 adjustable variable speeds so that you can cut a wide range of materials including finer materials as well as thick metals. Besides, the variable speed gives you better control while you are operating the machine and helps in achieving high precision cuts. The jigsaw comes with a fan thermal cycle system that facilitates faster heat dissipation and ensures the motor has a long life.

With the 4-position track setting, you can cut faster, thereby saving your energy and precious time. It comes with adjustable bevel angles in the range of -45 ° to 45 ° that allows you to make complicated cuts with relative ease. The jigsaw has an aluminum base which not only makes it wear-resistant but also ensures smooth cutting. There is also a protective pad that reduces scratch marks on the workpieces.

Even if you are a beginner, you can achieve precision cuts using this jigsaw, thanks to the in-built laser guide system and guide ruler. It comes with integrated LED lights so that you work conveniently even in dark rooms. The jigsaw is packed with multiple safety features to prevent accidents and injuries. There is also a dust blower that ensures the workplace is clean.

Product Information

  • Dimensions – 8.7 x 2.9 x 8.3 inches
  • Weight – 5.15 pounds
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Voltage – 120 V
  • Cutting Depth – 100mm (Wood) and 10mm (Steel)
  • Speed – 3000 SPM
  • Motor Power – 6.7 amps
  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Bevel Cut Angle – 45° (Left and Right)

Things we liked

  • Runs on powerful 800W copper motor that delivers 3000 SPM
  • 6 variable speeds for cutting a wide range of materials
  • Adjustable bevel angles in the range of -45 ° to 45 °
  • LED lights help working in dark environment
  • In-built laser guide system and guide ruler helps in achieving precision cutting
  • Packed with safety features to prevent accidents
  • Dust blower ensures a clean workplace
  • Backed by a 2 years warranty period

Things we didn’t like

  • Difficult to adjust the blade to make straight cuts
  • Instruction manual is not clear

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6. Avid Power Jig Saw

Avid Power Jig SawAvid Power’s jigsaw is powered by a 600W motor that can generate enough power to deliver up to 3,000 SPM to fulfill your cutting demands. It features a six-speed control dial using which you can change the speed of the motor depending on the material and the type of cut you want to create. With this jigsaw, you can cut wood up to a maximum depth of 2-½-inch and metal up to ¼-inch. To ensure that you achieve precision cutting, the jigsaw comes with a scale ruler.

This jigsaw offers you an adjustable bevel cutting angle up to 45 degree to make difficult cuts with relative ease. Furthermore, you can make curved and beveled cuts at ± 45 degrees. The jigsaw features an ergonomic design with a lock-on switch that allows you to operate it comfortably for long hours without any fatigue. The rubber handle ensures that you have a good grip and improved control while you are machining.

It is very easy to change the saw blades as it does not require any tools. There is a rear dust extraction that collects the debris and ensures your workplace is kept clean. Along with the jigsaw, you get 6 saw blades, a dust exhaust pipe, an allen wrench, and a user manual.

Product Information

  • Dimensions – 10.31 x 8.98 x 3.11 inches
  • Weight – 5.39 pounds
  • Power Source – Electric Powered
  • Voltage – 120 V
  • Cutting Depth – 2-½-inch (Wood) and ¼-inch (Steel)
  • Speed – 3000 SPM
  • Motor Power – 7 amps
  • Bevel Cut Angle – 45° (Left and Right)

Things we liked

  • Powered by 600W motor that delivers up to 3,000 SPM
  • 6-speed control dial supports machining different materials
  • Adjustable bevel cutting angle of up to 45 degrees
  • Scale ruler for improved precision
  • Ergonomic design with a lock-on switch for comfort
  • Rubber handle provides good grip and improves control
  • Comes with 6 saw blades, dust exhaust pipe, and an allen wrench

Things we didn’t like

  • A bit heavy that makes it difficult to operate and make precision cuts
  • Lack of laser guidance cutting system
  • Poor user manual

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7. Porter Cable Jig Saw

porter jig saw

This PCC650B is a cordless lithium ion jigsaw that features 3 orbital settings to adjust the aggressiveness of cutting across wide range of applications. The variable speed trigger will provide proper control over the clean and accurate cutting.

The integrated dust blower will clear away the debris for proper visibility of the cutting area. The tool free blade release will allow the user to change the blade quickly and easily. The bevel adjustable shoe will provide the ability to cut from 0 to 45-degree bevel cuts.

The contoured overmolded handle will optimize to the increased comfort. One can easily perform various applications like straight and scroll cuts (in metal and wood), bevel cuts (in wood), cutting PVC pipes, sink cutouts, cutting 1.5 inches copper pipe.

Product Information:

  • Speed – 0 to 2500 SPM
  • Power Source – Battery Powered
  • Voltage – 20 V
  • Dimensions – 12.2 X 3.8 X 10 inches
  • Weight – 4.6 pounds
  • Bevel Cut Angle – 0 to 45 degrees
  • Cutting Capacity – 1.5 inches
  • Battery Type – Lithium Ion
  • Warranty – 3 years

Things we liked:

  • It is a high-performance cordless jigsaw model.
  • Comes with various features like variable speed trigger, integrated dust blower, tool free blade release, and 3 orbital settings.
  • Both T-shank and U-shank blades gets fitted easily in this tool

Things we didn’t like:

  • It is a bare tool – won’t come with battery. One has to purchase the battery and charger separately.
  • It is not a long-lasting tool.

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Buying Guide For Jigsaw – How To Choose The Best One

A jigsaw is a hand-held power tool that we use widely for cutting wood, non-ferrous metals and composite materials in straight or curved cuts. So, it is very essential for both personal or professional usage. Here we are providing you with a guide, covering all the essential information about the jig saw to help you choose the best one.

What Is a Jigsaw

It is a lightweight hand-held power saw used for cutting wood, non-ferrous metals, and composite materials (like plywood, chipboard). This power tool is specially designed for making curved and straight cuts at 45-degree or 90-degree. It is best reserved for sharp and clean cutting of thin materials. This easy to handle power tool have a depth of cut that lies between 45 – 100 mm.

The quality of the cutting is better in thinner materials with its vertical and horizontal blade movements. Most of these jigsaws are corded (power supply) and a few are battery operated (rechargeable stand-alone) models. It is not suitable for cut beams and thick boards.

Things To Consider Before Buying Jigsaw

Want to know what are the technical features, one should look while purchasing this jigsaw. Here we are providing you some key points which you have to consider before buying to grab the best and most suited one. Have a look on them.

1. Power Source

One can easily differentiate the jigsaw in two types depending on its power source. Let’s know about them in detail.

Corded Jigsaws:

  • It is powered by electricity and the length of the power cord will decide its mobility.
  • It runs, when it plugged in any standard power outlet/power generator.
  • Suits best for heavy duty jobs and cutting various materials.
  • In general, the power of this tool is measured in watts (determined by their amperage).
  • Most of these corded jigsaws comes with a motor of 5 – 6.5 amperes.
  • Also, the corded one is more powerful than cordless, as they can be operated for a longer time.

Cordless Jigsaws:

  • It is powered by a battery like interchangeable lithium ion models.
  • In general, the power of this tool is measured in voltage.
  • Most of these cordless jigsaws comes with a battery of about 18 – 20 volts that provides enough power to work this tool.
  • Although, its running time will depend on the battery but the mobility is unlimited. One can easily use this tool on anyplace and anytime without relying on the power cord.
  • Not suitable for heavy duty jobs, as they come with limited power source (depends on the charge of the battery).

2. Handless

The jigsaw models come with two different types of handles in the market. take a quick look to know about them in detail before choosing the best jigsaw.

Barrel Grip Handle:

  • Here, the handle is located on the back side of the jigsaw.
  • This position will allow the user to push the blade with a high force through the material.
  • It will increase fatigue feel and make the user gets strained easily.
  • Also, the prolonged operation with this type of handle may result in wrist pain or inflammation.

D-handle / Top Handle:

  • Here, in this type, the handle is placed on the top of the jigsaw.
  • It is an ergonomic position that allows the user to use this machine easier to maneuver.
  • The handle’s shape and position will increase the balance, comfort level and reduces the fatigue.
  • They are rubberized to provide proper grip to the user while operating it.

3. Types

There are two main types of jigsaws available in the market – Orbital Jigsaw & Straight Reciprocating Jigsaw. Most people think that reciprocating saw and orbital jigsaw are different types of jigsaws. The only difference is their blade motion and design and also, they serve for different purposes.

Orbital Jigsaw:

  • It is a best choice to those who want intricate cuts in the soft metals, wood, plastic, ceramic tiles by using either T-shank or u-shank blades (with various tooth densities).
  • One can easily make either coarse or fine cuts in the various materials and they are designed for precision cuts.
  • This orbital action will recreate the natural motion of the manual sawing.
  • This orbital action of the jigsaw will allow you to set the blade to have straight, curved or circle cuts.
  • It helps to clear any debris as we cut and allow you to cut the material faster.
  • It comes with aggressive cut by allowing more power and thereby makes this saw ideal for cutting harder or more difficult materials.

Straight Reciprocating saw:

  • The blade of reciprocating saw is designed with a pull and push motion (blade moves back and forth).
  • Also, it is considered as the standard or basic jigsaw that allows you for detailed work.
  • A few models have orbital action used to cut pipes and window pipes.
  • It is great to use for demolition projects and its blade are used for rip cutting.
  • One can easily cut through wood, steel, masonry and other hard material in which a jigsaw was unable to handle it.
  • It is less expensive than orbital jigsaws.

4. Variable Speed Adjustments

The saw device requires different speed range to cut the material properly. For instance, the harder materials and metals require low speed whereas the wood requires high speed level. Although, a few models come with fixed speed, of around 25000 strokes per minute but it is always a good choice to select the jigsaw that comes with variable speed settings (from 0 – 3000 strokes per minute).

5. Jigsaw Blades

The jigsaw is used for rough cutting along with various intricate applications, which require accuracy and splinter free finishes. In general, the jigsaw blade comes with 1/4 -inch wide and 1/32 inch thick. The double-edged sword will provide flexibility that allow the saw to make a curved cut without breaking the blade. Now, the saw comes with securing the blade on one end while the other end being free-floating.

Most of the modern blades comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that are specially designed to reduce friction. The standard blade comes with teeth facing where the blade cuts on the upstroke and the reverse tooth blade comes with teeth facing opposite direction and cut on the downstroke.

Also, one has to know which type of shank is required for their jigsaw. A few models are compatible with more than 1 type of shank blades (either T-shank or U-shank).

6. Types of Blades

The type of shanks will decide how the blade will be fastened to the jigsaw. It comes with two common blades – T-shank blades and U-shank blades. Let’s know them in detail.

  • T-shank Blades It is the most common types found in modern jigsaws. It has cone shaped end with two flanges. They won’t require any external tools to change the blade, which means the blade can be changed quickly. The T-shank blades work well even in U-shank jigsaws.
  • U-shank Blades It has a convex shaped end that looks somewhat like a U-shaped. It is fastened to the jigsaw that comes with a set screw that requires an Allen wrench to change the blades in this type of jigsaw.

7. Adjustable Angle Settings

However, most of the projects require some angled cuts. So, choose the jigsaw which can be bevel. This will improve the accuracy of the cut and thereby helps you to have proper cut required as per your project. This bevel adjustment will allow you to make effective curved or special cuts.

8. Motor

The motor is the main part used for the proper functioning of the blade and thereby jigsaw. It will provide the essential energy throughout the saw and make the blade and other parts of saw to work effectively. This motor gets power either by electric outlet (corded models) or battery (cordless models). It can be categorized in to two forms – brushed and brushless forms.

The brushed models contain with two main parts – carbon brushes and commutator. The commutator passes the energy to the motor to make the blade cut properly. The brushless motor comes with small electronic circuit board without any physical brushes. It is free from physical wear and tear. This will distribute the energy throughout the jigsaw for efficient working.

9. Quick Blade Change / Tool-Less Blade Change System

Most of the modern jigsaws comes with a tool-less chucks, which allows you to switch/replace from one blade to another effortlessly without any Allen key. Also, choose a jigsaw equipped with a lever that removes a hot blade without touching it. The only thing you need to check is whether the blade fitted securely in the place or not, to prevent it from getting slip while operating.

10. Anti-vibration / Vibration Reduction

One should also check that the jigsaw they are going to purchase comes with vibration reduction option or not before buying. Cutting any harder materials and performing fine cuts may generate vibrations and thereby cause fatigue after having prolonged operation. So, pick the one that comes with vibration reduction feature to make yourself comfortable to maneuver for a long time.

11. Tool Power / Motor Power

The power rating will determine the type of the material and its thickness, the jigsaw is designed to cut along with the sawing speed. In general, the jigsaw can be used for domestic household purpose and professional purpose. For household jigsaw, the power rating will range from 350 – 800 Watts, which allows you to cut through various materials, whereas for professional one, it requires above 900 Watts.

Remember that the higher power rating will allow you to cut the material easily without much strain. Also, the weight of the machine will affect the power rating. So, have a look on the below given list.

  • For small DIY projects that requires less efficient performance and lower depth of cut, you need 350W.
  • For depth of cut of 60 – 70 mm in wood, 10 mm in aluminum and 5 mm in steel, then go with motor having 500W power.
  • For depth of cut of 100 mm in wood, 30 mm in aluminum and 10 mm in steel, then prefer to choose the jigsaw motor of 700W power.
  • Choose 800 W powerful motor to have a comfortable cutting and usage with 700w measurements.
  • For professional jigsaw machines with depth of cutting for up to 5.5 inches.
  • The cordless model comes with a great maneuverability yet with less power and operating time, depending on the type of the battery it comes.

Additional Features

Here are a few add-on features in which the user can choose as per their project requirement and convenience.

  • Laser Guide / Cutting Guide – It is used to mark the line and guide the cut properly. This parallel cutting guide will reduce the blade deviations and aids in perfect cutting. Mostly useful for the beginners to improve their accuracy in the cutting.
  • LED Light – It will allow the user to work uninterruptedly by providing brighter light in the poorly illuminated areas. It helps to work with the machine as per your convenience.
  • Dust Blower / Dust Extraction System – Used to keep the work place clean and free from all the sawdust and debris. Some models have built-in filters while other are connected to a vacuum cleaner. It helps to improve the accuracy of the cut by providing a clear visibility of the cut line.
  • Trigger Lock – Once you set the appropriate speed for cutting a particular material. Then the one which comes with trigger lock will allow you to prevent pressing the trigger manually till you cut the material. So, select the jigsaw having trigger lock to have proper cut of the material without straining.
  • Baseplate – One should choose the alloy / steel baseplate which is lightweight, rigid and smooth running of the device to aid in its proper performance. Also, one should pick a tilting baseplate for accurate cutting of the material at an angle of 45-degrees.
  • Blade Storage – There is a compartment for storing the blades on the plastic case. This will allow you use the blades at handy.
  • Stroke Length – It means how far the blade moved while making a stroke. Although, it varies but the longer one will make bigger cut you can make. An average user requires 5/8 inches stroke length.
  • Versatility – The jigsaw can make both straight and curved cuts effectively. So, make sure to purchase the best quality saw (but not cheap or poorly made) to make accurate cutting.

How To Choose The Right Jigsaw Blades

The cutting quality will depend greatly on the type of the blade which we choose. There are different types of blades available for jigsaw, in which each one is designed for specific job. So, one should consider these factors before getting the right blades for your jigsaw.

Type of Materials (wood, metal, plastic, aluminum, plywood, ceramic, etc.), Cutting Type (straight, curved or v-shaped, scroll, etc.), cutting speed, tooth type (fine tooth, large tooth & reverse tooth blades), blade length (thickness of the material), mounting type (t-shank or U-shank), and blade material (carbide, steel, bimetallic, diamond – tipped).

So, it is always a good idea to equip with several different types of jigsaw blades (sets). This allows you to use the perfect type of blade for your particular purpose / project.

How This Jigsaw Works?

The working mechanism of this jigsaw is that the vertical saw rotation of the electric motor will be converted by a gear reducer to reciprocating movements. The additional pendulum stroke of this jigsaw will allow it to move upwards, forward and then back while cutting the material. So, it simply moves the blade in an oval direction (up, front and back movements).

To get a pendulum stroke, one has to fix the special pin to the saw that swings with support roller and this roller will push the saw forward and release it back. This swinging motion will allow the blade to make a quick cutting. The pendulum motion comes with a drawback of rough but not accurate cutting. So, one has to use this mode for rough cutting but not for curved & clean cutting. Also, for not cutting metals, use it for wood, particle board and plywood.

Tips and Safety Precautions:

Although, jigsaw is somewhat dangerous tool and if it used improperly, then it can cause injuries. So, one has to learn how to use this jigsaw safely before using it in any project.

  • Most of the jigsaw models runs on electricity and the user can plug in the power outlet in the dry environment. Operate this power tool in the right environment to prevent any shock or danger.
  • Always, use a dedicated circuit to plug in the device and avoid sharing the circuit with any other power tools or usage of extension cords, why because they damage the motor due to overheating.
  • It’s must to wear protective equipment like goggles, suitable thick gloves (to prevent any accidental blade cutting) and shirt (slim-fit) with longer sleeves and tie hair properly (if it is long) while operating this jigsaw.
  • Make sure to learn how to operate the device properly before going to use it. As each tool is different and comes with different working mechanism. So, its better to read the manual carefully before you’re going to operate it.
  • The jigsaw comes with various blades and speed ranges. One should know which type of blade and speed range is suitable for cutting which type of material. Also, set the correct speed range like for cutting hard materials, 1500 strokes per minute is requires and for softer materials, up to 3000 strokes per minute.
  • Maintenance of the tool is also essential for its longer working life. The chuck system and blade of the device needs constant lubrication for its smooth operations.
  • Replace your blades regularly when they worn why because a blunt blade won’t produce a great cut.
  • Most of the modern jigsaw comes with an option of changing its stroke rate as per the type of material being cut.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to choose the jigsaw depending on the type of user?

One has to purchase the jigsaw by depending on the level of their usage. For instance, if you’re occasional user and purchased the high-end professional jigsaw then it is waste of money. If you’re regular user and purchase jigsaw of basic model then it is waste of time. So, purchase the jigsaw as per your need and requirement.

  • For occasional user Try a basic / entry level jigsaw model with 500W and cutting depth of 60 mm. Also, check for models that has 1-year warranty to learn cutting and its other purposes.
  • For regular user Look for model to perform regular works like installing fitted wardrobes or fitting kitchen counters. Choose the mid-range model with 700W, reasonable cutting depth (30 – 90 mm) and pendulum or orbital action. Along with variable speed setting and laser cutting guide.
  • For professional user Choose a high-end model with above 700W power and offers various features like orbital action, high stroke rate, quick blade change system, and having 2 – 3 years warranty.

2. What are best brands to choose while purchasing the jigsaw?

Most of the people wonder which are the best brands to purchase. So, have a look on some of the best brands of jigsaw in the market.

  • DeWalt
  • Makita
  • Bosch
  • SKIL
  • Black & Decker
  • Porter Cable
  • Hitachi

3. What are the components of jigsaw?

One can easily find these components in the jigsaw. Have a look to know about them.

  • Power Switch
  • Handle
  • Battery Unit
  • Trigger Lock
  • Motor Unit
  • Speed Adjusting Knob
  • LED & Laser Light Switch
  • Quick Release Blade System
  • Cutting Guide
  • Transparent Guard
  • Orbital Action Switch
  • Blade Guide
  • Tool-free Chuck
  • Non-Scratch Baseplate
  • Blade


Although, all the above-mentioned products are best and top-selling ones but we pick a few to reduce your searching and shopping time, as per the power sources (one of the main criteria for its purchase).

For Cordless Battery Powered Jigsaw, we pick Dewalt Jig Saw. The reason is that it comes with a powerful brushless motor for extreme runtime and excellent performance. It has all the essential features like speed (3200 SPM), variable speed trigger, 4-position orbital action, LED light, laser guide, quick keyless blade change clamp, etc. to provide optimal cutting with professional results of variety of material (on any type of cutting).

For Corded Electric Powered Jigsaw, we select Bosch Jig saw. The reason is that it comes with various features like 4-position orbital action, variable speed control, built-in dust blower, blade ejection lever, and comes with aluminum and steel construction that makes it prefect for personal and professional users.


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