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The 7 Best Handheld Planers Reviews and Buying Guide


There are generally two types of wood planers available in the market. They are benchtop planers and handheld planers. When it comes to large-sized workpieces that can’t be fixed on a certain table, you will need a handheld planer. Handheld planers are simple power tools that are used to perform various operations on the wooden workpiece, such as dimensioning, finishing, etc. There are a few properties of a handheld planer that must be studied before buying one:

  • Power Type: There are mainly two types of handheld planers that are corded and cordless. As cordless machines will give you superior portability, corded machines will provide a significant power output. Hence, make sure you consider your application before choosing the power type.
  • Power Rating: Just like any other power tool, handheld planers also vary a lot in terms of power. A high power motor or battery will give you significantly better performance as compared to the low powered ones. But, high powered tools are generally heavier and more expensive.
  • Operation Speed: As the primary function of a power tool is to save time, you should be considering how much time can be saved with a certain handheld planer. As the operation speed increases, the time required for the job will reduce. Also, keep in mind that in some cases, you will need a low-speed machine for special applications.

Today, we are presenting our selections for the best handheld planers available in the market that you can buy right away. In this article, we will mention all those options, along with their important features and description. You can also find a featured “Buying Guide” in the article that will definitely help you with your purchase. Therefore, make sure you read the article completely to get the perfect handheld planer for yourself.

Best Handheld Planers

7 Best Handheld Planers Reviews

1. Wen Hand Planer

wen hand planer

Wen is a pretty popular power tool brand that has produced many high rated power tools. They also have an electric handheld planer in their line up.

In the 1st position, we have a great handheld planer from Wen. Wen 6534 is a powerful 8 amp handheld planer that is capable of cutting 4 ⅜ inches cutting capacity. Along with such a high powered motor, you get a high cutting speed of 32000 cuts per minute. The cutting depth on Wen 6534 is adjustable on 16 different steps where it can be adjusted from 0 to ⅛ inches.

There is a 2-way dust port available on the top of the cutting section that can disburse dust on either the left side or right side, depending upon your preference. It also has a dust adaptor that can be used to attach external dust collectors. The cutting is done by 2 high-speed steel reversible planer blades and 2 V-shaped chamfer grooves. Wen gives 2 years of the warranty period on the tool.

Best Features

  • 8 amp motor
  • 4 ⅜ inches cutting capacity
  • 32000 cuts per minute
  • 16 step cutting depth adjustment
  • Depth adjustment from 0 to ⅛ inches
  • 2-way dust port
  • Dust adaptor support
  • 2 high-speed steel reversible blades
  • 2 V-shaped chamfer grooves
  • 3 years of the warranty period


  • Warranty duration is pretty long
  • High cutting speed


  • Blade changing is difficult
  • Dust collection could be better

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2. Makita Hand Planer

makita hnd planer

Makita is yet another well-known brand in the power tool industry. We have included a handheld planer from Makita below.

Makita XPK01Z is the best cordless handheld planer available in the market right now. It is powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery that is capable of 3 ¼ inches wide and 5/64 inches deep cuts in a single cycle. The cutting mechanism consists of 2 blade cutters head that has double edge carbide blades for better performance. Makita XPK01Z weighs only 7.4 lbs. It is significantly lightweight, considering it is a cordless handheld planer.

Makita XPK01Z has a significant 14000 RPM rated motor that is designed for faster material removal rates. As for the depth adjustment, there is a quick depth adjustment knob on the top,, along with a painted scale for better understanding. You can adjust the depth of cuts within 0 to 5/64 inches range. There is an electric brake on the tool that can be used to stop the blade right after finishing a cycle for better productivity.

Best Features

  • 18-volt lithium-ion battery
  • 3 ¼ inches wide and 5/64 inches deep cuts possible
  • 14000 RPM motor speed
  • Depth adjustment from 0 to 5/64 inches
  • Weighs only 7.4 lbs
  • 2 high-speed steel
  • Electric brake
  • 2 years of the warranty period


  • Warranty duration is pretty long
  • Cordless handheld planer
  • Electric brake for better productivity


  • Expensive price tag
  • Battery needs to be bought separately

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3. Porter-Cable Hand Planer

porter hand planer

Porter is an affordable brand that also produces various power tools and equipment. Fortunately, they also have an affordable handheld planer.

Porter Cable PC60THP has a heavy-duty 6 amp motor that has a 16500 RPM rating. This much power is good enough for any sort of domestic projects. There is a dual-sided dust extraction system that will allow you to remove dust on the opposite side to prevent visual problems while working. There is a mold depth knob that offers depth adjustment settings in 10 different steps.

This handheld planer has better performance regarding edge chamfering jobs as it has 3 chamfering grooves to get the job done. The maximum depth of cut that can be obtained with Porter Cable PC60THP is up to 5/64 inches, which is standard for handheld planers. The material removal rate is pretty good with this planer because of its 0.47-inch maximum rabbit depth. Porter Cable gives 3 years warranty on the tool, which is better than many other options.

Best Features

  • 6 amp motor
  • 16500 RPM motor speed
  • 10 step cutting depth adjustment
  • Depth adjustment from 0 to 5/64 inches
  • 2-way dust port
  • 3 chamfer grooves
  • 47-inch maximum rabbit depth
  • 3 years of the warranty period


  • Warranty duration is pretty long
  • Affordable price tag


  • Motor capacity could be better
  • Depth adjustment steps are less

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4. Bosch Hand Planer

bosch hand planer

Next up, we have a handheld planer from Bosch. Bosch is a premium brand that has produced many power tools, including this handheld planer.

Bosch PL1632 houses a powerful 6.5 amp motor that is capable of providing 16500 RPM for a high-speed blade action that enables it to have a fast material removal rate. It can be used for both dimensioning as well as finishing in hard or soft woods. This can be considered an easy to operate power tool as it has a spring-loaded stand that helps in quick adjustment and precise movement.

There is a lock-off switch on the tool to avoid accidental start that can turn out to be hazardous for the user. The material removal is pretty fast and even because of the reversible Bosch Woodrazor micro grain carbide blade. Bosch is providing only 1 year of the warranty period on this handheld planer. It also falls under the lightweight category of power tools as it weighs only 6.3 lbs.

Best Features

  • 5 amp motor
  • 3 ¼ inches cutting capacity
  • 16500 RPM motor speed
  • Multi-purpose power tool
  • Easy to operate
  • Spring-loaded stand for better accuracy
  • Lock-off switch for safety
  • Depth adjustment available
  • Reversible Bosch Woodrazor micro grain carbide blade
  • Weighs only 6.3 lbs
  • 1 year of the warranty period


  • Spring-loaded stand provides better operation standards
  • Safer to operate due to lock off switch


  • The warranty period is pretty short
  • Pretty expensive price tag

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5. Dewalt Hand Planer

DEWALT Hand Plane

Dewalt is a lesser-known brand that makes premium power tools. We are including a handheld planer from Dewalt below.

Up next, we have a durable and heavy-duty handheld planer from Dewalt. Dewalt DW680K is a 7 amp planer that has 3 ¼ inches cutting capacity. Because of the high power motor, you will certainly obtain a better surface finish even on the hardest of woods. The maximum depth of cut available is 3/32 inches in a single pass. Hence, you will not be cycling the machine for a long time in the case of dimensioning jobs.

There are large resharpenable high-speed steel blades that are essential for straight cutting and framing jobs. There is also a depth adjustment knob that you can use to calibrate the cutting depth according to your needs.  If you wish, you can replace the blades with reversible carbide blades that can perform more detailed woodworking. You will be getting a 1 year warranty period from Dewalt on the DW680K.

Best Features

  • 7 amp motor
  • 3 ¼ inches cutting capacity
  • 3/32 inches maximum depth of cut in a single pass
  • Less number of passes required
  • large resharpenable high-speed steel blades
  • Depth adjustment available
  • Replaceable blades
  • 1 year of the warranty period


  • Multiple operations possible
  • Blades can be replaced if needed


  • Warranty duration is pretty short
  • No dust collection system available

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6. Ryobi Hand Planer 

ryobi hand planer

Ryobi is a pretty underrated brand when it comes to power tools. They have a lot of positive reviews on their power tools, including this handheld planer.

Ryobi HPL52K is a moderately powered handheld planer that holds a 6 amp motor that is capable of up to 16500 RPM. It has a maximum 3 ¼ inches cutting capacity where the cutting depth could be adjusted from 1 to ⅛ inches where each sequential stop gives an increment of 1/96 inches. The depth adjustment option can be really helpful in case of high surface finish requirements. The machine is pretty easy to control because of its rubber molded grip.

There is an additional safety measure on the power switch that prevents accidental activation. This can be a real issue if you are dealing with intricate workpieces. There are 2 different exhaust ports that allow discharge on either side for ease of operation. The tool is designed ergonomically so that it won’t accidentally scuff on the rear side that causes marring on the workpiece. Ryobi gives a long 3 years of the warranty period that makes it one of the most reliable options available for you.

Best Features

  • 6 amp motor
  • 3 ¼ inches cutting capacity
  • 1/96 inches cutting depth increment
  • Depth adjustment from 1 to ⅛ inches
  • Easy to control
  • 2-way dust port
  • Lock-off button for safety
  • Ergonomic design
  • 3 years of the warranty period


  • Warranty duration is long
  • Depth adjustment is very good


  • Expensive price tag
  • Motor capacity is comparatively lower

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7. Craftsman Hand Planer

Craftsman Hand PlanerCraftsman does not need any introduction. It is a global leader in the development of a wide range of power tools and hand tools. The brand’s products are known for their robust build quality along with superior performance and high efficiency.

Craftsman’s hand planer runs on a powerful 6-amp motor using which you can achieve smooth cuts on soft as well as hard materials. The motor delivers an impressive 16,500 RPM that helps in fast removal of the materials. Even if you are a beginner, you can achieve precision cuts using this hand planer. Thanks to the 11.5 inches cast aluminum shoe that provides better control and smooth finish.

With the help of the overmolded depth, you can choose from 10 positive steps and adjust the depth of cuts. Plus, you get 3 chamfering grooves for chamfering the edges.The 5/64 inches depth of cut allows you to remove excess materials within a short span of time. The extraction ports are present on both sides of the handheld planner that saves you the trouble of cleaning the workspace manually. Craftsman backs all its hand planners with a 3 years warranty from the date of purchase.

Best Features

  • 6 amp motor
  • 16,500 RPM motor speed
  • 10 step cutting depth adjustment
  • 5/64-inch depth of cut
  • 11.5-inch cast aluminum shoe
  • 3 chamfering grooves
  • Dual-side dust extractor
  • 3 years warranty


  • Long warranty period
  • Affordable pricing


  • Not the most powerful option
  • Depth adjustment steps are less

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Buying Guide For The Best Handheld Planer

As we have already mentioned all of our selections along with their properties, you might have taken a couple of options into consideration already. As you know the specifications and properties of all the best handheld planers, you can easily make your decision. But, you should also study a little bit about the importance of a certain property before investing your money.

Hence, we are providing this detailed buying guide to help you along the way. Here, you will find certain noticeable aspects of a handheld planer and its importance. This will help you decide whether you need a certain feature in your planer or not. Therefore, make sure you read the buying guide completely before moving ahead.

1. Motor Speed

The speed is a very critical factor that must be considered while buying any sort of power tool. Similarly, in the case of handheld planers, you should consider the RPM capacity of the motor that is ultimately the speed of operation of the tool.

If you have a high-speed power tool, you can rest assured that your job will be done in a short time, and you will get rewarded for investing your money on a faster tool. On the other hand, dew special-purpose applications require slower speed yet high-pressure tools. So, you must also compare your application with the available motor speed.

2. Motor Power

The power of the motor has a similar effect on the output of the machine as compared to the speed of the motor. An 8 amp high power motor will definitely provide better results irrespective of the workpiece quality.

On the other hand, a low powered motor can work fine with a softer workpiece but will have limitations on harder applications. Therefore, you must consider the motor power that is suitable for your application before finalizing your purchase.

3. Handling Comfort

As it is a handheld power tool, the handling comfort plays an important role. There are a few aspects that fall under the handling comfort category, such as the weight of the tool, the surface properties, the design orientation, etc.

You should be looking at a balance for all these options to get optimum comfort in the handheld planer. As it goes without saying, if you are uncomfortable with the tool, you cannot generate satisfying results on the workpiece.

4. Durability

Because of the very nature of power tool applications, these tools need to be durable. A power tool is constantly forced upon one or another hard surface for various operations such as cutting, grinding, planing, etc. Similarly, there is a high chance that the handheld planer might get damaged if the product is not durable regarding your usage.

Even if you cannot decide the durability by inspection, you can take a look at the warranty period given by manufacturers. Generally, a highly reliable product will have a longer warranty period.


A handheld planer can be a really important tool for you if you are a regular wood worker. Even if you are just a DIY enthusiast, you can get a lot of wood work done with a handheld planer that would otherwise take a long time and considerable effort. As you have read through our selection of best handheld planers available in the market, you might have found the one that is best suited for you. We have also given a buying guide that will help to clear any second doubts about the product. Still, if you are unable to make a decision, you can take a look at our recommendations below:

  • If you are looking to get a cordless handheld planer, we will suggest you Makita Hand Planer as it is currently the best cordless handheld planer in the market. It has an 18-volt lithium-ion battery that is capable of providing up to 3 ¼ inches wide and 5/64 inches deep cuts. Makita is giving a solid 3 years of warranty period that is much better than a few corded options on the list.
  • Next up, we will recommend Wen hand planer as a heavy-duty option. It is the most powerful option from our list as it houses an 8 amp motor that can provide 32000 cuts per minute. There is a 2 year warranty period included with the Wen 6534.
  • Lastly, we will suggest Craftsman Hand Planer as it is the most budget-friendly option out there. With an affordable price tag, you will get a powerful 6 amp motor that can work at a high speed of 16500 RPM. There is a long 3 years of warranty on this handheld planer, which is good enough regarding its price tag.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!


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