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The 7 Best Fight Sticks In 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide


“Fight Stick: Best Companion to Smash Your Opponents”

Fight sticks an essential pick for people who want to maximize their virtual fighting experience. Using it, you can easily pull off complex movements, especially in Series X, Xbox and PS5 controllers.

They are specially designed to reduce the difficulty of controlling the buttons or joystick.

With a wide variety of fight sticks available in the market, you have to grab the option within your budget. For that, we recommend to consider below factors…

It represents what kind of gaming platforms can the fight stick support. For this, check out the compatibility details on the product details and make the purchase accordingly.

Fight sticks vary based on their plate size. Some prefer to use compact models (to carry around), or massive plate models (to rest their hands on) or models having space between joystick and buttons. Check out various models and pick the one with your preferred size.

Are you a seasoned player or pro-player or newbie? There is always a fight stick available for every type of player. Get entry-level or low-budget fight stick for beginners. After improving your skills or seasoned player, upgrade to moderate models. For pro-player or competitive gamer, go for premium models.

Apart from that, you have to consider various factors while purchasing the fight stick, which we have clearly mentioned in the “Buying Guide”. Check it out to know all about these fight sticks.

7 Best Fight Sticks In 2021

7 Best Fight Sticks In 2021 Reviews

1. Mayflash F500 Arcade Fight Stick 


Mayflash company focuses directly on R&D for the development of all the video game accessories they make. Fight sticks are also in that list, they are believed to provide high customer satisfaction with their quality gaming tools.

Talking exclusively about their F500 model, this fight stick is compatible with any of your gaming platforms that include, Playstation3/4, Xbox One, Xbox360, Neogeo Mini, Android platforms (smartphone) you can use it even with your PC.

Most of us like to play games with high background gaming sound as it gives the real feel of gaming, personally speaking, I like this type of gaming very much.

So, if you are also the same person then F500 has headset output that directly delivers the sound to you using any headset. Don’t like music, you can mute it also using the mute mic option on the panel.

To further know who is your competitor or if you want to pressurize your opponent in a verbal battle, then this fight stick gives you the option of in-match chat also. But this feature is supported only in PS4, Xbox1 and Xbox360.

What PC gamers find interesting in this is it supports both Xinput and Dinput, it will not be wrong to say that these inputs are heart and soul of PC gamers.

You can also change its X/Y analog axis and D-pad inputs. To give you real gaming experience this fight stick supports vibration mode.

F500 carries durable built joystick that easily fits your every customization, if you have also used Sanwa stick model TP-8YT then you will find no difference in both of them.

It carries 8 push buttons fixed swiftly on the acrylic panel, they are easy to press and are of the same size as Sanwa Button Model OBSF-24. What impressed us most in this is its replaceable acrylic panel, you can easily buy it from amazon by just typing MAYFLASH F500 Top Clear Acrylic Panel.

It has got a USB port so that you can easily connect it with your gaming platform using a USB cable. But for best results, you should use certified USB cables so that no lag occurs, especially if you are using Xbox or PlayStation gaming platform.

However, you get a 3m USB cable with this, also there is a cabinet which provides you to store this cable easily without any chaos.

Talking about its built and durability, this F500 model is secured with two metal panels on top and bottom that increases its weight but makes it more durable and sturdy. It has also got a rubber cushion on bottom to absorb any shocks and makes you more comfortable.

What we liked

  • It is compatible with large no. of gaming platforms.
  • It supports modding.
  • Has a good built quality.
  • Panel cover can easily be replaced.
  • Features buttons and Joystick just like elite SANWA model.
  • 3m USB cable with cabinet inbuilt to store it.

What we didn’t like  

  • It might not support windows 10 in pc.
  • User manual doesn’t contain much information about controls of the stick.

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2. Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai for PlayStation 3/4 and PC 


Hori Real Arcade Stick is one of the most expensive fight sticks in our list. Frankly speaking, it deserves also to be expensive as it is officially licensed by SONY the electronic giant.

Once started using, you will find that this arcade stick is lightning quick and performs accurate moves so that you can defeat your opponent quickly. This is a perfect buy for those who are Pro Arcade player and wish to play tournaments at world level.

Compatible with Playstation3 and 4 you can use it on your PC also with X input. With this stick, you get improved Buttons like HAYABUSA. What’s more loving is it has got bevelled edges with a slim body design that makes it look good.

The buttons and joystick are designed in such a way to reduce the input time of yours as a player which gives you quick moves along with accuracy. Now, this doesn’t make it less durable because due consideration has been taken while designing it.

Joystick and buttons if HORI arcade stick has got enough spacing between them so that you get enough clearance between your hands to control your stick and game. All its buttons and Joystick are original HAYABUSA model.

Having extra space below buttons and stick unlike other models and brands it provides you with exceptional wrist comfort.

The side panel of your fight stick contains all the modding function buttons like the turbo control for multispeed, toggle switch for stick control, button configuration control, L3/R3, it also has a share button to record your game and share them which you find most epic.

Furthermore, it has got fully functional touchpad that you can take you’re your use whenever required. Just connect it to your gaming device using its 9.8Ft cable and you will see the difference yourself.

The cable can be stored in the compartment made in your stick and the carry handle on your stick makes it easy for you to port it from one place to another. To match your aesthetics, you can buy this fighting stick in any of the three colours white, red and blue. But the product we are telling you is black.

What we liked 

  • Provides good wrist comfort.
  • Allows to record and share the epic games you fought.
  • Compartment to store cable.
  • Carry handle makes it easier to port.
  • Supports modding function.
  • Provides quick and accurate responses to players.

What we didn’t like 

  • Not compatible with much gaming platforms except 3 we mentioned.
  • Has a very high price compared to other brands.

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3. Qanba Drone Joystick for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 and PC (Fighting Stick)  


The next fight stick in our list is QANBA drone fight stick. If you are looking for a stick that is not much in features and gives you only gaming experience then it is the right choice for you, this makes it more affordable also. Users have found it as an option which has easy portability.

The features that are missing from this stick is you don’t get touchpad with it, and that is totally justified because of its low price. This fight stick is compatible with your Playstation3/4 and any PC.

The base of your stick is small and little narrow, but still has enough space for you to rest your hands and play comfortably. So, if you are kind of gamer who requires a lot of panel area for placing his hands then this might be not the best buy for you and you can look for other alternatives we have provided in our list.

To rest your wrist, it has got sloped edges that make this comfortable for you. In all, the design of your stick is attractive and doesn’t feature fancy led which distracts you from gaming.

Having conventional buttons layout your fight stick also features 7more buttons along with two extra switches. The buttons are well built and quick to respond however various user reviews suggest that joystick is a bit loose in fitting and may not last for longer.

The thing to cherish here is being so less in price, you also get modding function with this stick and change configuration of your joystick and buttons easily. So if you are a noob who has just started his/her hand at fight sticks you won’t regret it buying later.

What we liked 

  • Modding of this fight stick is easy.
  • Easy to port.
  • Buttons are well built and quick in response.
  • Best buy for new gamers.

What we didn’t like 

  • Joystick is not great built.
  • Size may too small for you.
  • Touchpad is not there in this fight stick.

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4. Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TES+ for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3 

Mad Catz

If you are willing to pay and looking for a high-end fight stick without any features missing, then we will recommend you to consider MAD Catz TES+ Fight stick. You can attach this fight stick with the gaming stations like Playstation3/4.

This fight stick has been solely developed for gamers like you who are engaged in competitive gaming. Easy to use, this fight stick gives you fantastic gaming experience if you master all its features, which is not that difficult as per the reviews we read.

Your fight stick carries 8-buttons and a joystick which is the parts of SANWA DENSHI well I don’t need to introduce you about SANWA DENSHI if you are a true gamer. These quick response buttons give TES+ users like you to have an added advantage of quick moves against your competitor.

With its touchpad functionality, you can play any of the Playstation4 games using this fight stick. Having three-way button, this fight stick enables its joystick to perform the need of an analog stick you don’t need a D-pad either.

You just need to connect your fight stick to your gaming station using its 9.8ft USB cable, the cable is good that there is no lag while you are playing.

Talking about the durability of your stick, it is made of metal, plastics, glasses and rubber that gives it superior life over other fight sticks we mentioned. Further, all these materials give you a tight grip on the stick and you can easily defeat your enemy.

Well, now you must be interested in knowing what all games you can play on it isn’t it. Here is the list, favourite of all of us TEKKEN, Street Fighter in multiplayer mode, Mortal Kombat, Persona, Dead or Alive, Injustice, Skullgirls, BlazBlue, KoF, Marvel vs. Capcom, Guilty Gear and what not.

What we liked  

  • Responsive buttons.
  • Provides better grip to buttons and device.
  • Parts are built of quality of the material.
  • Excellent buy for competitive gaming.

What we didn’t like

  • It is slightly on the expensive side.

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5. Qanba Crystal Joystick for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 and PC (Fighting Stick) 


This is another QANBA fight stick in our list for you. You can use it for Playstation3/4 and PC. The good thing about this is, it has got led light buttons and joystick, so you can easily identify which button to press. You can lit LED buttons using three modes viz. touch mode, glow mode and stealth mode.

Your fight stick features a lock button that helps you prevent any unfortunate action that you may commit during your match. All these buttons and joystick are designed in such a way that they don’t disturb you much with their sound. Also, they are sensitive enough to give you a quick response in minimal time.

The sensitive touch mouse pad at the top right of this stick lets you easily access menu options on your gaming station. Just connect it with your gaming platform using its USB cable provided to you along with the purchase.

You can store this cable inside the compartment made in your stick for smooth storage. Further, the door of your compartment is also magnetic this ensures that cable doesn’t slide out itself pushing the door.

Being an official Sony licensed product, you can be assured of the quality and in-match performance that it provides you, but this makes it expensive also.

It further has a carrying handle which you can pop-out from the cabinet in case you want to take it to different places. What makes your task further easy is, this handle is magnetic and can slide in or out with just a push of yours.

What we liked 

  • Magnetic door for storing cable.
  • Magnetic pop-out handle.
  • Led lighten buttons.
  • Gets lock so that any other function cannot occur accidentally.
  • Sensitive touch mouse pad.

What we didn’t like 

  • Price is not justified for the features.

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6. Mayflash Arcade Stick F300 Elite 


Featuring second time in our list you can understand the popularity of MAYFLASH brand in the gaming world.

Talking specifically about the F300 model of Mayflash, you will find it as an affordable stick which supports multiple gaming platforms, curious to know what all are they? Read further.

You can use it on Playstation3/4, Xbox One, Xbox360, and your PC. Since we all are living in the age of android smartphones thus Mayflash has focused on this and made it compatible with your smartphones also. You can further use it on Nintendo Switch.

We have an advice for you to finish up your setup using a PS4 controller on Playstation4, and for others, you can do it as the way it is. Since it is low on price thus you will have to compromise with the built quality of your stick.

The base plate of your stick is narrow and it buttons along with joystick are very closely spaced, so if you are a skilled gamer then you can avoid accidentally pressing any button. In short, you need to be too extra cautious while playing.

It doesn’t feature any touchpad for you to access the menu of gaming station. There are four extra buttons along with regular 8buttons on your fight stick, but you do get a total of three switches for your gaming.

What we have figured out in our research is that the buttons are too good to be used for professional gaming but the joystick is not much up to our expectations. However, if you find the joystick troubling you more, you can swap this joystick with a Sanwa Joystick.

What we liked 

  • Compatible with multiple gaming platforms.
  • Modding is easy.
  • Affordable in price with the majority of features.

What we didn’t like 

  • Joystick doesn’t have good built.
  • Not much space between buttons and stick.

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7. Victrix PS4 Pro FS Arcade Fight Stick 


Now comes our premium choice among all the fight sticks we have mentioned. This is Victrix Pro Fs Arcade Fight stick compatible with Playstation4.

Being best yet we have mentioned it in the last because it will be out of range for most of the readers, so only if you are able to spend over 300$ then place your eyes over this. Else all the other options we told you are best to have.

It is for those gamers who wish extraordinary gaming experience along with having a high quality built. It will not be wrong to say that you have already won 50% of the match if you are using this arcade fight stick, because of its performance.

To give you a good grip on your fingers, manufacturers have used aluminium as the material to build its base plate.

All of us always want to be in resting position, thus to allow you for this, its bottom part has got soft pads that make you keep it comfortably on your lap. This also aids you in making your stick stable on any hard surface like a desk.

The one thing that we didn’t want this stick to have is its heavyweight because of the large handles on its every side. But it is still very portable to carry around places you wish.

What’s interesting is you can remove the joystick and tuck it inside the body if your arcade stick when you are travelling, this prevents it from any damage.

Sanwa buttons have ruled the gaming history, hence this stick also features all its buttons and joystick of Sanwa and give you perfect gaming experience. You can easily perform modding function on this arcade fight stick.

No specific tools are required for you to access the compartment and other inside parts of your stick.

You get 8buttons on your stick along with touchpad that supports on Playstation4. If you will go for its Xbox version you will be getting 9buttons but no touchpad in this case. So now you would have guessed that it supports either PS4 or Xbox one based on the variant you are buying.

But whatever variant you buy, both of them are compatible with your PC. But to get the best out of your gaming on PC get the Xbox variant as it is too easy to set up on your PC.

What we found the only con of this gaming stick is it only supports SANWA parts so if you wish to change any parts in future you still need to spend good money like you are doing while buying.

What we liked  

  • Excellent gaming performance than any other brand.
  • Very comfortable to use and place.
  • Sanwa buttons and joystick are highly responsive and durable
  • Joystick is replaceable.
  • Large handles on the side make it easy to port.
  • Joystick can be buried in the body while travelling.

What we didn’t like 

  • Highly expensive to buy.
  • Buttons can only be replaced with Sanwa featured buttons.

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How To Choose The Best Fight Sticks For You

Not having any idea on what factors to consider, and how these features help you in selecting the best fight stick. Don’t worry we are providing you with this buying guide that includes all essential information about fight sticks.

Simply go through this guide and select your right fight stick, as per your requirement.

1. Experience:

Your previous experience of using fight sticks has to be taken into consideration while purchasing the new fight stick. There is always a specific type of fight stick that suits your gaming requirement. For instance, you need a separate stick for a competitive gamer, seasoned fight player, or a total newbie.

Are you a beginner (or) one with less experience in using these devices? But do you like to enjoy fighting games on the console. Then try to choose one of the entry-level or budget options, as this will improve your skill levels and better performance of using the fight sticks. Then it lets you upgrade to more premium models.

The more performance you expect from the fight stick, the more expensive you have to spend. So, a premium model that provides a top-notch performance is a bit expensive that you can easily rely on while using it competitively.

2. Compatibility:

It is essential to consider the platform on which a fight stick is going to be used. Most fight sticks are designed to work with Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. While a few fight-sticks made for each platform. With Windows flexibility, you can make use of these fight sticks easily on most platforms with PC games. While for consoles, make sure your fight stick is perfect and compatible with your gaming platform.

3. Size:

In general, different people prefer to have fight sticks with different dimensions. So, based on their plate size, it varies greatly. For instance, a few people like compact models (to carry around), whereas others like massive plates to rest their hands on (or) they like for buttons or joystick to be far away from one another.

In case, if you are already using a fight stick with its perfect & great size. Looking for a fight stick but won’t have any chance to try in person, then check different models in person and choose your preferred size.

4. Weight:

Are you an aggressive player? Then you need to buy a fight stick having more weight. Why because too light a fight stick won’t stay in its position while playing aggressively. Thus, your overall gaming experience can be ruined and may lose the game.

A fight stick staying stable on your lap or table without moving around is the ideal option you have to choose while shopping for a fight stick. Some features feet or rubber padding underneath them. A smaller and lighter fight stick is suitable for gamers travelling with their controllers, as they can carry it around without any discomfort.

5. Modding:

This feature is essential to consider for enthusiasts before making its purchase. If you have a modding capable model, then you can easily and quickly swap and replace its joysticks & buttons, even in future (in case if anything happens wrongly).

Modding sounds scary, yet it is simple to perform and, in most cases, the mod-friendly fight stick has its own tools (or) if not, you need a screwdriver to open and replace the stick. It let you customize each aspect of the device to make them suit perfectly for your playing. Also, it comes in handy while you enter into competitive playing. So, simply change the device parts to maximize your gaming performance.

Most people think that the best components are installed in the most expensive model. But there are various better parts available in the market. All you need is to couple them to grab better performance for every component.

For better response time and playing experience, you have to replace your parts with newly released buttons and joysticks (better version). So, replace your old stock components quickly with the most superior parts from the well-known brands, especially if unexpected mashing or breaking happens.

Almost all premium brands are mod-friendly, yet Razer allows you to open & replace the parts without voiding the device’s warranty. Basically, you won’t need to mod the fight stick for better performance, yet explore the place of modifying the fight stick.

6. Connection Type:

The connection of fight sticks can be done in two ways – wired or wireless sticks. Let’s know about them in detail.

Wired Fight Sticks – Uses USB cable as their mode of connection to function properly. Here the cable which attaches to the joystick should be long to reach the gaming chair.

Wireless Fight Sticks – Uses Batteries and Bluetooth technology as their power source. It let you use the joystick from anywhere (distance won’t matter most).

7. Stick:

Usually, the stick has 2 main parts – the top & the lever. The lever is same, yet the top will differ in all these sticks, which makes the lever is not a concern. So, pick the top that perfectly fit for your fight stick.

The sticks can be of two types – teardrop and ball top (also called Japanese Stick). If you want a full-hand grip on the stick, then teardrops are the perfect option. While looking for an in-palm grip (or) 5-finger grip, then ball top fight sticks are preferred most.

8. Restrictor Gate:

This gate is essential to consider while purchasing the fight stick. It regulates the lever movements to prevent it move beyond the buttons and thereby won’t cause any damage to the surrounding parts on the board.

In general, there are two types of gates – octagonal gate & square gate, in which a square gate is a standard option that used quite commonly in most fight sticks, while a few prefer octagonal. Here the square gate reduces efficiency and execution speed. While an octagonal gate offers smooth quarter circular motions without restricting the lever with hand.

9. Buttons:

Well-built quality buttons will let you experience smoother presses. Yet you may end up stuck halfway with the usage of sub-part buttons. So, whenever you press these buttons, they make your gaming an uncomfortable experience. Some popular brands are Hayabusa, Semitsu, and Sanwa. Check out the premium quality fighting sticks having buttons from various popular brands.

10. TouchPad:

Remember the sensitive mouse pad of the laptop. In the same way, the touchpad of the fight stick will work exactly. You need to move your fingers over it and it allows you to get access to the in-menu options of the gaming stations easily.

It won’t be necessary to have a touchpad in your fight stick, as you can easily access the menu option by using buttons as well. Yet it takes a long time and seems clumsy with gaming stations and fight sticks. So, this touchpad feature will make your gaming/work easy without clumsy in the fight stick.

Further having a touchpad gives extra gaming options and you can play various other games apart from the usual games like TEKKEN etc.

11. Spacing Between Buttons:

Space/distance between the joystick and the button is the main criteria to consider while shopping for the fight stick. There are placed at a distance that they won’t interfere between fingers while pressing them.

Otherwise, the player may accidentally press another button and thereby completely ending up your game. So, go for any size fight stick that provides the buttons at the distance to let you enjoy the game without any confusion on pressing other buttons.

12. Cable Compartment & Carry Handle:

As we already mentioned, the length of the USB cable coming with the fight stick is long, which makes it become clumsy to manage. So, to avoid this chaos, several brands are providing you with a cable compartment in the fight stick.

Here you can fold and place the cable easily inside the compartment after winning the game. A few brands offer magnetic doors in these compartments to make the door won’t get open with the cable force, even if placed in the tilted position.

Considering about carrying handle, it is a provision that allows you to take the fight stick anywhere with you. All you need is to take out the handle buried inside the body and port it easily. A few offers magnetic handle to make them pop out easily and quickly. Thus, it prevents carrying handles from popping out of their own.

13. Fight Stick Design:

If you don’t know about fight sticks, then you might mistake the controller as the same, due to its different designs and various varieties. It includes the number of buttons (6 or 8 or more), button layout (straight alignment or Taito Vewlix or Namco Noir), joystick gate (diamond or circle or square or octagonal), and joystick style (baseball bat or lollipop).

The mode button is featured in most fight sticks that allow you to use the lone joystick as a D-pad with a right analog stick or left analog stick. Similarly, we notice button-lock switches on tournament-ready sticks, as these are important switches that prevent you from any accidental hitting the Home, Mode, Start or Options buttons and thereby won’t make you disqualifying from the game.

While playing the stick game for a longer time, then find the fight stick using real fight quality parts to handle any wear and tear, which occurs with long-playing sessions.

14. Extra Features:

Here are some add-ons features that aid in the proper usage of these fight sticks. Have a look at them.

Portability – The carrying handles will make even large sticks get portable. With certain models, you can pick a joystick that you can carry it away or inside the body of the stick.

Swapping Artwork – A newly designed fight sticks have this swappable artwork feature. Most models won’t support this type of artworks. So, check out the models and find the one that has this feature.

Cable Length – It is an overlooked feature by most of us while buying this fight stick. So, look for the minimum cable length of the fight stick you need before buying a new one. The longer cable will provide a better gaming experience. It is quite useful while spending a lot of time playing games at other places or outside the home.

Headphone Jack – If you use headphones while playing fighting games, then you need a fighting stick with a headphone jack. Make sure that a few models don’t have this headphone jack feature. So, check it out before making its purchase.

15. Price:

A general rule is spending more money on any product (expensive products) will provide better quality and better parts. While the cheaper product offers basic features and functionality. We have included both budget and expensive options on the above-mentioned list. If looking for premium fight sticks, then the price range will be $140 – $200. One can grab superior build quality, high performance, and better accessible interior for modding and repair.

How to use a Fight Stick?

Want to know how to hold a fight stick and use it properly. Do you hear different ways to hold the fight stick, yet don’t know which one to choose? Remember that whatever grip you find comfortable to hold this fighting stick, you can use it without any hesitation in the correct or wrong way.

Before getting into the process, you should know where you have to place and use this fight stick, either on any flat surface or on your lap.

Flat Surface – In general, flat surfaces like desk, table, floor or TV stand are used to place the fight stick for playing. Most people prefer to use a flat surface to place their fight stick is due to the stability it offers to the stick while playing.

Lap – It is a great option for those using a larger fight stick, where there is a lot of movements required to play the game. If you play on the lap, it let you rest the arms on the stick easily compared to a flat surface. Also, it is best to try out your stick personally to know whether it is too big or too heavy while using.

How to Grip the Joystick:

There are three common ways to grab a proper grip of a joystick. You have to choose one based on your comfort rather than on your playing game.

  • Wine Glass Grip or Asian Grip – For proper grip, hold the down of the ball, the rod in between the ring and middle finger.
  • Broomstick Grip or Classic Full Hand Grip or American Grip – Here hold the joystick with your palm and fingers. Rest your thumb over the ball. This type of grip is an ideal option for straight joysticks.
  • Hybrid Grip or European Grip – Just like wine glass grip, yet provides more control over the joystick. All you need to grip the ball with your 3 – 4 fingers by placing strength into its tip.

In case, if you are unsure about which grip suits the best for you? Then try the following steps to find out the easier way for you.

Here be sure to place your left hand on the stick.

  • Try all the above-mentioned different grips, and you have to hit every direction constantly without being weird.
  • Now graduate to qcb/qcf/half-circle motions with these grips. Find out on which grip you can perform these motions constantly without hurting. Then that’s your comfortable grip, which you can enjoy playing your gaming perfectly.

Also, remember that you need some time to use a fight stick properly with perfect gripping. It may be at least a week or a month, depends on how frequently you play with it and learn it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the cost of a fight stick?

Before you going to purchase the fight sticks, it is essential to set your budget. Based on the quality, the product can vary its price, and one can easily find these fight sticks in three different price variations – $100 or below, between $100 – $200, and above $200.

2. Which one is better – a fight stick or a gamepad?

Usually, a fight stick is a bit different to learn for people than a gamepad. Most people think the thumb gets less tired with fight stick and thereby provides freedom with button combinations. You have to use all of your fingers to access the buttons rather than relying only on the index, thumb, and middle finger.
Yet, most brands produce ergonomic pads these days, which allow you to pick the right one that fits perfectly for your gaming. It would be more satisfying to hit large colorful buttons with the fingers instead of pressing tiny ones with the thumb on a pad.
So, it would be hard to find which one is best. It is all about your personal preference. But remember that anything done on a fight stick, can also be done on a gamepad (in some cases).

3. How to hold the fight stick?

You can hold the fight stick on your lap and desk/table. Yet most gamers prefer to use a coffee table/stand as a base for their fight stick.  So, it depends on your personal preference.

4. Where to buy these fight sticks?

One can easily purchase the fight stick online either from Amazon or the manufacturer’s own website. In case, if you want to shop on your own, then go to any local game store and go through their collection. So, as per your choice, you can purchase the best fight stick.

5. What type of fight sticks do the pro-players use?

The pro/professional players use various kinds of fight sticks like from Mayflash to Hori & Qanba. So, simply go through the above list and find out the pro-level fighting sticks as per your gaming requirements.

6. What is meant for Sanwa buttons and joysticks?

Sanwa buttons and joysticks are considered premium fight components that are used in various fight gaming cabinets. In case, if you are growing up by playing fight games, then Sanwa buttons are considered best, as your fingers will remember pressing it effectively.

7. Which one is better – a fight stick or controller?

Most gaming experts suggest fight sticks are a better option than controllers while playing these fighting games, as it works well for various fight style game. So, some section of gamers prefers to use these fight sticks due to their extra functionality than controllers. Also, fight sticks have 8 buttons, which let you customize them quickly (modding) when compared with controllers.

8. What is the lifespan of the Sanwa buttons?

These Sanwa buttons are rated best for million presses of the button. So, for an average player, they last for many years. Use these buttons in real fights, especially the place where durability is essential required to play.

9. How long a fight stick lasts?

In general, the lifespan of a high-quality fight stick that using under normal playing conditions can easily last for about 10 years. Also, these fight sticks offer replaceable components and fixed easily to clear any issues.

10. Which one is the Best Fight Stick?

With its compatibility to use in a wide range of devices and overall great performance, it is easy to pick Mayflash F500. If having a higher budget, then simply go with F500 Elite that offers Sanwa Denshi buttons.


Fight sticks are surely going to help you out in increasing your ranking in the global fighting games. All the brands we have mentioned here are equally capable of doing so just decide what features you want, how much you can pay and you will conquer the world.

But our recommendation for you will be to go for, Mayflash F500 Arcade Fight Stick. The foremost reason for this it supports multiple gaming platforms and whatever gaming platform you are having I am sure it will lie under its category.

Secondly, it supports modding and gives you superb performance. You can connect a headset to it for listening to in-game sounds and music. Further, all this you are getting is at a very affordable price which other brands are surely lacking.


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