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The 6 Best Concrete Mixture Machine Reviews and Buying Guide


A concrete mixture machine allows you to mix all of the ingredients and materials that are used to make proper concrete for construction needs. While these mixture machines are quite simple and straight forward, you still have to consider the following factors before buying one:

  • Capacity: If you wish to mix a lot of concrete at once, then you should get a concrete mixture machine with a high capacity. It includes options like 4 cubic feet or 2 cubic feet mixture machines with the former rating offering the higher capacity.
  • Motor Power: The motor power offered by a concrete mixture machine is also quite important. This is due to the reason that a ¾ HP electric motor will mix different things better than a smaller ⅓ HP electric motor.
  • Build Quality: You should also check the build quality offered by a given concrete mixture machine. While some models offer an aluminum construction, more reliable and strong models might use steel and cast iron for their construction for extra longevity.

To help you out in buying the perfect concrete mixture machine, we are here with some of the best options. You can even expect to find their major features and differences along with a detailed “Buying Guide” later on in this article for buying the perfect concrete mixture machines after reading this article.

Best Concrete Mixture Machine

6 Best Concrete Mixture Machine Reviews

1. Yardmax Ym 0115  Concrete Mixer


Yardmax is the most popular brand of tools related to cement and concrete that is mentioned in this article due to which its concrete mixture machine has a high user rating.

The Yardmax YM0115 concrete mixture machine is present in the 1st position in this article as it offers the highest user rating when compared with other options out there. This is possible because of the wide range of features and options this concrete mixer offers to the user. As per its name, it offers a great capacity of 4 cubic feet to the user that should be more than enough for most users out there. You can use this high capacity to mix a lot of ingredients at once to make large amounts of concrete in a less period of time.

Since Yardmax is a highly popular brand of power tools, it is also quite reputable. In fact, it comes with a 2-year long warranty that is always great to have. While it offers a steel handle to the user, the build quality is unfortunately on the average side. You should also keep in mind that this concrete mixture machine is slightly on the larger. When you receive this concrete mixture machine, its assembly process is quite easy to follow so that you can start using it right away.

Best Features:

  • Up to 4 cubic feet mixture machine capacity
  • ⅕ HP electric motor
  • 2-year long warranty
  • Long warranty for a low price
  • Comes with various features for ease of use
  • Offers a simple and easy assembly process


  • Large capacity for making a lot of concrete at once
  • Easy to follow assembly process for saving time
  • IP45 water resistance certification for motor


  • Average build quality
  • Only a ⅕ HP electric motor

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2. Stark Portable Cement Mixer

Stark Portable Cement MixerFrom efficient automobile tools to convenient hand tools the brand Stark has a wide variety of collections at remarkably low prices. The efficient cement mixer from this brand is your ideal choice for mixing concrete, stucco, mortar, and it can also be used for mixing feeds and inoculating seeds.

The mixer is made of superior quality steel that is also corrosion resistant and stays durable for a long time. It comes with a heavy-duty motor that runs at 27.5 RPM with a decent runtime and great stability. Moreover, the mixer features a direct drive gearbox which is very easy to assemble without any belts or pulleys.

Its low profile height makes it a perfect tool for pouring into forms, wheelbarrows, and easy moving around the work area. Two wheels are provided at the bottom for mobility and a triangular bracket just above the wheels for added stability. Moreover, it comes with a non-slip handle that is very easy to operate and has a switch with a safety lock to avoid unauthorized use.

Best Features:

  • Material: Steel
  • Handle Safe Lock: Yes
  • Drum Capacity: 63 liters/ 2-1/5 Cubic FT
  • Drum Speed: 27.5 RPM
  • Switch: On / Off Sealed
  • Motor: 220W / S6 / 30%
  • Drum Diameter: 18″


  • Ideal mixer
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • Great mobility and stability
  • Low profile height
  • Easy to assemble


  • Prone to leakage
  • Frequent repairs

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3. Pro-Series Electric Cement Mixer

Pro-Series Electric Cement Mixer This convenient cement mixer from Pro-Series is a perfect tool for mixing concrete for small to medium house projects. Along with concrete, you can use it for mixing drywall mud, plaster, stucco, and mortar. Furthermore, it can be used for mixing cattle feed and for treating seeds for irrigation.

This electrical cement mixer is double insulated for extra safety and it has a 5 horsepower engine, which means you can have a better mixture at a faster pace. It has up to 80 kg of dry mix capacity and you can add the dry mix into the drum effortlessly through the 15-inch opening. And, you can tip the drum 360 degrees which comes in handy while pouring the mix into wheelbarrows.

The mixer comes with two 7.5-inch wheels that make it easy for you to move it around in the work area.

You will be receiving a 90 days warranty on the product from the date of purchase.

Best Features:

  • Wheels: 7.5 inches
  • 5 horsepower engine
  • 81.6 kg dry mix capacity
  • 4 cubic feet size
  • 15-inch diameter drum opening


  • Ideal mixer
  • Drum tips 360 degrees
  • 90 days warranty
  • 81.6 kg dry mix capacity
  • Portable
  • Easy to handle


  • After-sales service can be better

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4. Kushlan Products 600DD Cement Mixer


You can find a wide range of heavy-duty and industrial-grade power tool offerings from Kushlan, including its concrete mixture machine mentioned down below.

The Kushlan Products 600DD concrete mixture machine offers the largest capacity when compared with other options present in this article. Since it is rated at up to 6 cubic feet capacity, you can easily and quickly mix a lot of concrete using this machine for saving time and having ease of use. Apart from having a large-sized capacity, you also get a highly powerful electric motor with this concrete mixture machine that is rated at ¾ HP for properly mixing concrete without running into any performance issues while using this machine at your construction site.

Even though the price of this concrete mixture machine is slightly on the higher side, it only comes with a 1-year long warranty that can be an issue for some users out there. Thankfully, the build quality offered by it is on the superior side. As a result, even though you only get a 1-year long warranty, you can rely on this mixing machine for a long time without any issues. Another great thing about this cement mixture machine is that it is quite safe to use because of its CE, UL, and CSA certifications.

Best Features:

  • Up to 6 cubic feet mixture machine capacity
  • ¾ HP electric motor
  • 1-year long warranty
  • Excellent build quality for peace of mind and longevity
  • Offers various safety certifications
  • Comes with heavy-duty steel frame
  • Uses polyurethane flat-free tires


  • Offers a high capacity for mixing a lot of concrete
  • Mix concrete quickly with a powerful motor
  • Includes flat-free tires for ease of use while moving the machine


  • Just a 1-year long warranty
  • A bit on the expensive side

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5. Klutch Portable Electric Cement Mixer 

Klutch Portable

If you want reliable and durable power tools for your construction needs, then you can find a wide range of viable options from Klutch, including a machine for mixing concrete.

Klutch’s portable concrete mixture machine is the most reliable and durable option present in this article. This is possible because of the excellent build quality it offers to the user. Not only that, but you also get a lifetime warranty with it that is not available in any other option out there. In other words, you can keep on using this concrete mixture machine on your construction site for various kinds of heavy-duty applications for a long time without running into any issues due to wear and tear.

While this concrete mixture machine is quite reliable, the same cannot be said for its capacity. Unfortunately, you only get a 2 cubic feet capacity drum with this mixture. As a result, this machine is more ideal for smaller applications since you cannot mix a lot of concrete. This is also true for its ⅓ HP motor that is not the most powerful option out there and leaves the user wanting for more performance. Although, it’s motor speed rating is quite decent at 1720 RPM while having a low power consumption of 250 watts.

Best Features:

  • Up to 2 cubic feet mixture machine capacity
  • ⅓ HP electric motor
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent build quality
  • Comes with a highly efficient electric motor with 250-watt power consumption
  • Offers an easy to clean drum


  • Most reliable and durable concrete mixture machine
  • Highly efficient electric motor for low power consumption
  • Easy to clean design and mixing drum


  • Small 2 cubic feet capacity
  • ⅓ HP electric motor could have been more powerful

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6. Generic Import 1/3 Hp Electric Cement Mixer 


At the last position in this article, we have a Generic Import concrete mixture that offers various features to the user that can be quite handy.

This Generic Import electric concrete mixture machine is quite similar to the various other options mentioned above. You get a decent 3.5 cubic feet capacity with this concrete mixture machine. While this is not the biggest option, it offers a great balance between capacity and form factor. As a result, you get a portable mixture machine with a decent capacity. Unfortunately, the electric motor of this mixing machine is rated at just ⅓ HP that can be an issue for many users out there. Its power consumption is also quite high since it is a 10.7 amp electric motor.

Even though this is not a brand of power tools and simply an imported concrete mixture machine, it still offers a 2-year long warranty with it. You also get a decent build quality with this mixing machine that should easily last for a long time. This is possible due to its complete steel construction. A great thing about this machine is that its drum has a large opening size of 15 inch. This allows you to easily take out all of the mixed concrete as well as clean it easily afterwards.

Best Features:

  • Up to 3.5 cubic feet mixture machine capacity
  • ⅓ HP electric motor
  • 2-year long warranty
  • Long warranty for a low price
  • Comes with various features for ease of use
  • Offers a simple and easy assembly process


  • Includes two wheels for easy movement
  • Decently reliable with steel construction and 2-year long warranty
  • Large opening drum with great capacity


  • Low power electric motor
  • High power consumption from 10.7 amp motor

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Buying Guide for the Best Concrete Mixture Machine

Different concrete mixture machines offer different kinds of features and options that might be useful for different users. While we have already mentioned such details along with the best concrete mixture machines mentioned above, some of you might be interested in learning more. Therefore, we are here with a detailed buying oriented towards concrete mixture machines and everything related to them. You can find a wide range of factors and aspects in this buying guide. Such information can be quite useful for buying the perfect concrete mixture machine after following this buying guide until the end:

1. Capacity

If you wish to use a given concrete mixture machine for mixing a lot of concrete at once, then you should opt for a large model. This can be quite handy for both large construction sites as well as smaller ones where you would want to save time by mixing a less number of times.

The capacity of concrete mixture machines is given cubic feet as 4 cubic feet or even 6 cubic feet in some cases. When compared with each other, the 6 cubic feet capacity is quite larger than the other one. Such options can be useful for mixing a lot of concrete at once at your construction site if needed.

2. Motor Power

The motor power rating of your concrete mixture machine is another highly important factor to check before buying one. As you would expect, any concrete mixture machine that comes with a powerful will ensure that all ingredients get mixed together properly. If you wish to check the motor power rating of your concrete mixture machine, then you can find it in either HP or RPM rating.

The RPM rating simply tells about the spinning or rotational speed of the motor of your mixture machine. It includes options like 1000 RPM or 1500 RPM motors, where the higher speed results in better performance. On the other hand, you can also find the motor power rating given as ⅓ HP or ¾ HP in different concrete mixture machines. Just like the motor rotation speed, the higher ¾ HP motor power is the better one.

3. Size and Form Factor

Almost all of the concrete mixture machines present in this article are portable ones and made for smaller applications. Due to this, the size and form factor of any given concrete mixture machine is quite important to check. Any mixture machine that is small and compact takes less space on the job site as well as in your garage while it is not in use. Apart from storage, compact concrete mixture machines can be easily loaded in the back of your truck for easily taking them from one place to another.

4. Build Quality and Warranty

If you are familiar with construction power tools, then you must know that these face a lot of wear and tear on the job site. Due to this, if you wish to use a given concrete mixture machine for a long time, then you should check its build quality and warranty.

As for the warranty, most options offer a 2-year long warranty with some even offering a lifetime warranty. Talking about the build quality, any steel mixture machine is better than an aluminum one. Some of the options out there even offer water-resistance as IP45 or IP55 for the electric motor. This is handy for protecting the motor from the water that gets used for making a concrete mixture.


While there are a lot of tools that get used while working with concrete, a concrete mixture machine is one of the most important ones. It offers a lot of things to the user that makes it better than manually mixing cement and concrete. We have even mentioned some of the best concrete mixture machines in this article, along with their details. The major features and specifications mentioned in this article, along with a detailed buying guide, should be more than enough for most of you for buying such a mixture machine. However, if you want to save time and want to buy such a mixture machine right away, we are here with some recommendations:

  • The Yardmax Ym 0115  Concrete Mixer offers the most powerful electric motor with a motor power rating of ⅕ HP. You do not have to pay an extra premium for this motor that powers its 4 cubic feet capacity.
  • Although, if you want a large-sized concrete mixture machine, you can go with the Kushlan 600DD. It offers the largest 6 cubic feet capacity along with a highly powerful ¾ HP electric motor with a 1-year warranty.
  • Unlike other options, the Klutch concrete mixture machine offers a lifetime warranty along with a great build quality. This makes this 2 cubic feet concrete mixture the most reliable and durable option in this article.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!


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