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Study confirms longer-term lung damage after COVID-19


Can confirm… I had COVID with almost 0 symptoms, nearly 2m. and 2w. ago.

1,5 month ago I i started getting tired more and more, then mild temperatures.. then it ramped up and I went to doctor, I had pneumonia on right lung… doctors prescribed me antibiotics and drugs for a week. At first they kinda worked, but then it started going bad even worse.. I went second time, checked my lungs and now I pneumonia on both lungs. Of course all that was very, very suspicious, so I did CT-scan with contrast on upper body, and surprise! surprise! I had Pulmonary Emboli…. which is almost a fucking death sentence. Thank dog I survived(10 days in ICU),

After that i still had slight altercations… now I’m in hospital again. I hope I won’t die 😅

PS: any anti masker, vaxxer, etc… and covid denier are massive assholes and all of them are huge threat to our communities, loved ones, us… them… as basically everyone.


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