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Old records shed new light on smallpox outbreaks in 1700s : Health


Interesting story, but obvious attempt at equivocation of a much deadlier virus with many more hideous long-term effects with COVID. Smallpox IFR was approx 30% and much higher for the hemorrhagic version of the disease. It left the living disfigured and was the leading cause of blindness.

COVID’s IFR is only 0.02% (similar to influenza), as is the sequelae. People just don’t feel the urgency – especially if they already survived the infection, which provides at least as much protection as the jab.

Plus, public health really screwed the pooch on the C-19 vax rollout. First telling people no safe vaccine could be produced within a year because Orange Man said otherwise. Then Fauci told people that the vax was totally safe and extremely effective, but that you still had to wear a mask, distance, and live like a recluse because we’re not sure the vaccine works. literally in one breath he said that. Then people felt threatened with vaccine passports and that bread a whole new reason to resist. People distrust liars and are deeply suspicious of force.

The public health authority in my cousin’s state called her to find out how she got 86% of the staff in her large medical practice vaxxed. She told her employees she’d provide them with all the information and access, but said it’s their decision to vax or not. She won’t be asking them to take it. They know the vax rate because her staff self-reported. Force always breeds resistance, as does lying (because it’s a form of force) and idiotic contradictory messages. The public is keenly attuned to this sort of behaviour as it turns science into politics.


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