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Linen Pieces to Wear All Summer Long


linen pieces

A little off-white dress, but make it linen; Image: Imaxtree

Summer isn’t just about cotton. Linen is a classic warm-weather fabric with increased interest of late. It’s mainly thanks to the utilitarian trend, our love of all things brown and the rise of suits for all seasons. Those who live in flowing cotton blouses and dresses may feel set in their ways, but there’s room for both textiles in a stylish summer wardrobe. Linen is crisp and cool and the right pieces can go from a morning stroll to rooftop cocktails.

The trending fabric is by no means limited to traditional suits and neutral colors. Many of the style set’s favorite pieces are crafted out of colorful linen. Linen dresses are as popular as suits plus there are plenty of shorts, skirts, blouses and even jumpsuits to pick from. Worried about wrinkles? Embrace them or opt for a linen mix fabric. (It’s not cheating.)

Ahead, shop the best linen pieces to beat the summer heat.



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