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“It’s the spring viruses and the winter illnesses all combined.” : Health


It’s a weird time of year for it, but they’re here: Stomach bugs, colds, strep throat and ear infections.

“Most years we see (it) around October and November,” Altmann said. “But because of all the amazing COVID precautions that everyone’s been doing — staying home when you’re told to, washing your hands, disinfecting, wearing masks — kids weren’t out and about as much this winter to spread germs and illnesses.”

A lot of the bugs, she says, start on the east coast and migrate their way west.

“RSV — respiratory syncytial virus — which we usually see every winter, causes horrible runny, goopy bad cold in older kids and adults,” Altmann said. “In babies, it can cause trouble breathing and put them in the hospital. We see that all across the east coast and Midwest.”


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