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9 Best Log Splitters Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021


Do you want to cut the firewood or any type of wood into manageable chunks without straining much? Then simply go for a log splitter.

A log splitter helps you to cut logs down the middle into quarters and halves. They split the logs through center instead of chopping them horizontally. It makes the wood perfect for firewood and more useful in fire rather than using a full log, which makes it fit into fireplace or log burner. Various wood workers get benefitted from this splitter, as it reduces the log size and help them making small items.

It won’t cut wood precisely but let you use the log effectively. Before buying the log splitters, you have to keep these 2 things in your mind, which narrow down your selection process.

Types – There are 6 types of log splitters available in the market and each type has their pros and cons.

Log Splitter Types Tonnage/Power Power Type Cycle Time Maximum Log Length Towable
Electric 4- 20 Tons Motor 7-25 seconds 24 inches Select Models
Gas 7 -37 Tons Gas Engine 3-22 seconds 48 inches Yes
Manual 0 -14 Tons User 1-3 minutes 14 inches No
3 – Point 13 -31 Tons Tractor PTO 6-25 seconds 48 inches Yes
Skid Steer 20 -31 Tons Skid Steer Based on PSI 36 inches Yes
Kinetic Varies with Power Type Motor / Gas Engine 2-3 seconds 36 inches Select Models

Motor Power – It is a core part in log splitters and it is essential to consider. It lets the splitter work in less time by preventing the user’s fatigue. It is measured in terms of horsepower. 

  • The gas-powered units will produce at least 18 hp and splitting capacity of 45 tons. Choose this splitter, if you want to split a larger log quickly and easily.
  • Electric log splitters are capable of producing around 2 hp with splitting capacity of 7 tons. Prefer to choose this splitter for most of the household tasks like firewood.

Apart from these 2 key points, you have to consider various factors like power type, wood performance, fast cycle times, horizontal or vertical splitting, steel construction, etc. which are clearly mentioned in the below “Buying Guide”. Also, to simplify your searching and shopping, we came up with a list of best-selling the log splitters.

Just go through the buying guide and products to grab the best log splitters.

Top Rated Log Splitter 2021

Best Log Splitter Reviews

1. WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

WEN Electric Log Splitter

You can find a wide range of power tool offerings from WEN that have a comparatively lower price than similar alternatives. It also makes electric log splitters for cutting wood.

The WEN 56207 electric log splitter is present in the 1st position in this article as it is a great value for money electric option out there. You get a decent cutting force of 6.5 ton with this log splitter that makes it ideal for both home as well as commercial usage. It is able to offer this power rating with the help of its 15 amp electric motor. This motor provides over 13000 pounds of log cracking pressure to effectively cut or split logs.

A great thing about this log splitter is that it comes with a 34-inch stand for ease of use. It even has an inbuilt pull handle that allows you to take this log splitter anywhere using its 5.5-inch diameter wheels at the back. As for its capacity, you can fit up to 20.5 inch long wooden logs in this log splitter that can have a maximum width of 10 inches. You also get a 2-year warranty with its electric motor that is quite decent.

Best Features:

  • Electric log splitter
  • 5 ton-force rating
  • 2-year warranty
  • 15 amp electric motor
  • 13000 pounds of log cracking force
  • Cut up to 20.5 inch long logs with a 10-inch width
  • 5-inch wheels at the back
  • 34 inch stand for ease of use


  • Electric log splitter
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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2. Sun Joe Log Splitter


Sun Joe makes all kinds of wood and lawn related power tools. You can also find a powerful log splitter offering from Sun Joe that is perfect for heavy-duty usage.

Sun Joe’s LJ10M hydraulic log splitter is present in the 2nd position in this article as it is the most powerful one in this article. As it is a hydraulic log splitter, you get a high force rating of 10 tons with it. This allows you to easily snap or split wooden logs that have a length of 18 inches and a width of 8 inches.

Just like the previous WEN log splitter, this one also comes with a 2-year long warranty. It means that you can use this steel frame log splitter for a long time. While the wheel size is only 2.48 inches, you can still move this log splitter around quite easily. Its efficient ram can quickly reset so that you can continue with the next log right away.

Best Features:

  • Hydraulic log splitter
  • 10-ton force rating
  • 2-year warranty
  • Steel frame construction
  • Cut up to 18 inch long and 8 inch wide logs
  • Wheel size of 2.48 inches
  • Quick reset ram for efficiency


  • Hydraulic log splitter
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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3. Southland Electric Log Splitter


As per its name, Southland Outdoor makes outdoor-oriented power tools. Thus, you can even find a log splitter offering from them.

This Southland Outdoor SELS60 electric log splitter is present in the 3rd position in this article as it can be a  great compact option if you are looking for an electric log splitter. It uses a 15 amp motor that delivers a power of 1.75 HP for cutting wood. Thus, you get a 6-ton force rating from this log splitter. You can quickly cut large-sized logs using this log splitter as it has an 18 second cycle time that is quite decent.

Although unlike other powered log splitters, this one comes with a 3-year long warranty. This can be quite handy when combined with its reliable motor. You get a stroke limiter with this motor for cutting small logs. Its 7-inch wheels allow you to easily take this log splitter with you quite easily.

Best Features:

  • Electric log splitter
  • 6-ton force rating
  • 3-year warranty
  • 15 amp electric motor
  • 75 HP motor power
  • Integrated stroke limiter
  • 7-inch wheels


  • Electric log splitter
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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4. Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

Boss Industrial is a more premium brand of power tools when compared with other options that make electric log splitters just like this one.

While this log splitter is a bit on the expensive side, it is the most powerful electric log splitter in this article. It comes with a 7-ton force rating that is possible due to its 2 HP electric motor. This motor is able to offer a hydraulic pressure of up to 3500 PSI for easily cutting logs. And you also get a 2-year long warranty with this motor that makes it quite reliable.

Since this is an electric log splitter, it is quite easy to use and convenient. You also get an automatic ram return with this log splitter that can be handy for cutting a lot of logs in a small amount of time.

Best Features:

  • Electric log splitter
  • 7-ton force rating
  • 2-year warranty
  • 2 HP electric motor
  • 3500 PSI hydraulic pressure
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Includes automatic ram return feature


  • Electric log splitter
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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5. Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter

Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter The Kabin is dedicated to providing the most efficient log splitter with the best build quality and long-lasting durability. Although it is a powerful tool that cuts logs into fine kindling without demanding much effort, it does not have any sharp edges or pointy blades to worry about the safety of your kids or other family members.

It has handles wide enough to take in logs that have a 6-inch diameter. Moreover, its 15.5-inch height and slanting cutting profile supported with angled and alternating teeth, let you easily cut longer logs without any hassle.

The splitter is made of highly durable cast steel that is very less susceptible to rust than cast iron. The material is proven to last longer and due to its all-weather black finish, the splitter is proven to withstand all kinds of climatic tests.

It measures 16.22 x 10.63 x 9.69 inches in dimensions and weighs 6.45 kg. It means you can easily carry it around without much effort using its curvy handles and decent lightweight. You can put it in your vehicle while you go camping or traveling. If you have no plans to move the splitter you can bolt it down anywhere through the 4 bolt holes present at the bottom.

Best Features:

  • No sharp blades
  • Durable cast steel
  • Easy to carry
  • 15.5-inch height
  • 4 bolt holes in the base


  • Minimal force is required
  • Long-lasting material
  • High portability
  • Extremely safe


  • Paint is prone to wear off

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6. Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter

Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter

Kindling Cracker is another great option if you are looking for manual log splitters for using at your home. But this one has a high user rating because of its various features.

One of the best things about this manual log splitter is that it is highly durable and reliable. It is one of the only options out there that come with a 5-year long warranty. You also get cast iron construction in it for extra strength. This allows you to easily cut 6.5 inch wide wooden logs in it.

Since there are no moving blades in this log splitter, it is quite safe and sound for home-usage. It can still be used for cutting wood while needing less force than an axe. This makes it perfect for cutting soft firewood at your home.

Best Features:

  • Manual log splitter
  • 5-year long warranty
  • Cut up to 6.5 inch wide logs
  • Cast iron construction
  • No moving blades for extra safety


  • Manual log splitter
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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7. YARDMAX Electric Log Splitter

YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter

Yardmax is a lesser-known brand of power tools when compared with other options in this article. Although, its electric log splitter can be a great option for a lot of users out there.

The Yardmax YS0552 electric log splitter has a force rating of 5 tons. While this is not the best one out there, it offers a decent speed due to its efficient and rapid ram movement. You also get a stand with inbuilt wheels with this log splitter for ease of use while using it. The stand also offers extra height for comfort while using it for a long time. Although you need to use two hands to operate this log splitter, this also provides extra safety.

You can use this log splitter to cut up to 20.5 inch long and 10 inch wide wooden logs quite easily. It also has a short cylinder cycle time of just 16 seconds, which means that you can cut large logs quickly and rapidly. As you would expect from any other electric log splitter out there, this one also comes with a 2-year long warranty along with decent build quality.

Best Features:

  • Electric log splitter
  • 5-ton force rating
  • 2-year warranty
  • Cut up to 20.5 inch long logs with a 10-inch width
  • Inbuilt stand with wheels at the back
  • Two hand operation for extra safety
  • Short cylinder time of 16 seconds


  • Electric log splitter
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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8. PowerSmart Electric Log Splitter

PowerSmart Electric Log Splitter

Powersmart is known for making decently powerful power tools of all sorts. This is also true for its electric log splitter offering mentioned in this article.

Powersmart’s PS90 electric log splitter is powered by a powerful 15 amp electric motor. This 1.75 HP power motor is able to offer a force rating of 6 ton that is on par with other electric log splitters out there. You also get a decent 20 second cycle time in this log splitter that allows you to quickly cut up to 21 inch long wooden logs with a 10-inch width. This motor is also decently reliable as it comes with a 2year long warranty.

You can find this log splitter to be quite versatile as it can be used either on the ground or on a bench where you want to. It even offers wheels at the back for easily moving it around if needed. The weight of this log splitter is also comparatively low that makes it a great portable option.

Best Features:

  • Electric log splitter
  • 5 ton-force rating
  • 2-year warranty
  • 15 amp electric motor
  • Cut up to 21 inch long logs with a 10-inch width
  • 20 second cycle time
  • 75 HP motor power


  • Electric log splitter
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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9. Inertia Wood Splitter


At the end of this article, we have yet another manual log splitter from a brand called Inertia Gear that is quite similar to the previous options in this article.

You get a cylindrical design with this manual log splitter that is quite efficient. It allows you to safely split firewood at your home even though there are no moving blades in it. This wood splitter can also be used for cutting using just one wan. After putting the log inside it, you have to hit it with a hammer in order to cut it.

One of the best things about this log splitter is that it weighs just 20 pounds. This makes it a great option for portable usage when you are on a camping trip. Although, you also get mounting holes at the bottom for extra stability.

Best Features:

  • Manual log splitter
  • 5ton-force rating
  • 2-year warranty
  • 15 amp electric motor
  • 13000 pounds of log cracking force
  • Cut up to 20.5 inch long logs with a 10-inch width
  • 5-inch wheels at the back
  • 34 inch stand for ease of use


  • Manual log splitter
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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How to Select the Best Log Splitters:

A log splitter is used to split softwood, hardwood or firewood. To make it use properly, you should know what to consider, how to install, and how to use them effectively before buying. Although, we have mentioned various log splitters along with their features in the article but in case, some of you might have doubts on its selection. So, here we are providing you with a buyer’s guide with all the essential information regarding how to choose your best log splitter. Go through the guide till the end.

1. Power Type:

In general, the log splitters work with three main types of power inputs – Gas, Electricity & Manual. Let’s know about them in detail.

  • Gas Splitters – More powerful and uses fuel to run at higher speed and pressures. Useful for more heavy-duty tasks like splitting larger logs and are slightly expensive. These splitters are hard to store and also, require regular maintenance and care to check the fuel and any leakages in it. They generate more sound and fumes while operating. 
  • Electrical Log Splitters – Comes with low levels of pressure and speed range when compared to gas splitters. These are easy to use, and store, while not using. It suits best for splitting small – medium sized logs. They cost less than gas powered models and are environmentally friendly machines, as they won’t produce fumes or smoke while operating.
  • Manual Splitters – There is no power input for this manual splitters and axes & kindling splitters are termed as manual log splitters. They are cheaper and suits best for small tasks or home-based usage. Prefer to use them occasionally but not frequently, as it will strain you a lot.

2. Motor Power:

The motor is an important part of log splitters, which let the splitter work properly. However, the capacities may vary widely from small 80 cc engine to top-notch motors of 250 CC over gas powered units. One has to consider the motor power, which is mentioned in terms of horsepower (HP), RAM splitting force and amps before purchasing the log splitter.

  • The gas-powered units will produce at least 18 hp and has 45-tons of splitting capacity.
  • The electric log splitters will produce around 2 hp and has 7 tons of splitting capacity.

3. Capacity of Log Splitter (Length & Diameter Splitting Range):

Always remember that not all log splitters are used for cutting wood of all sizes. You should check its capacity, whether the splitter can handle the size of a log with bigger length and diameter or not before buying. The capacity of splitter will let you know the maximum supported size of wooden log, which you can fit inside the splitter.

It’s better to choose a machine that handle logs with larger diameter (8 – 12 inches) and length (16 – 20 inches) to work with woods. Also, make sure to check the maximum size the splitter can handle to fulfill your requirement before its purchase.

4. Log Splitter Tonnage/Capacity:

Here the tonnage won’t refer to the amount of weight the splitter can lift but it determines the amount of pressure exerted by the machine.

  • The high-volume heavy-duty domestic (or) high-end industrial units exerts a pressure of up to 45 tons.
  • The basic models exert pressure with a splitting capacity that exceed 5 tons.
  • The mid-size units with splitting capacity of 5 – 10 tons, which makes the unit perfect for home usage of handling most types of woods.
  • Most people prefer to use 6 – 15 tons log splitters for 2 – 3 months of winter for their firewood supply.

Simply, select the log splitter as per the broadest wood brunch. Ensure that your splitter can split the green wood too. More power splitters costs more, in which you have to choose the unit careful, as per your needs.

5. Performance:

A single log splitter won’t be able to split different types of wood logs effectively and requires power performance. So, you need to check whether the given log splitter is efficient to use or not before its purchase. In general, there are 2 types of woods available – green & seasoned wood.

The green logs are freshly cut log which contains moisture and hard to cut when compared with seasoned wood. Older firewood splits and burns easier whereas the seasoned wood is at least 6 months old to dry. In case, if you want to cut/split tree branches for house. Then you have to go for higher tons. For instance, a 12-inch green log require 16-ton log splitter for effective splitting of wood log.

Here is a table that let you know for how much log diameter requires minimum force to split it

Log Diameter 6-inch Seasoned 12-inch Seasoned 12-inch Green 24-inch Seasoned 24-inches Green
Minimum Force 4 ton 7 ton 16 ton 20 ton 30+ ton

6. Fast Cycle Times:

The cycle time will determine how quickly and efficiently (in both speed & productivity) the splitter will work. To improve its productivity and efficiency, you have to select the log splitters with faster cycle time. Simply, the faster cycle means less time required to split more wood.

  • High range or industrial grade log splitters come with cycle time of around 15 seconds, whereas some models can even boast shorter cycles.
  • Mid-range log splitters have cycle time of around 20 seconds and thus provide a decent productivity. If you want to use this machine for industrial grade applications then simply aim for a shorter cycle time.

7. Vertical or Horizontal:

Using log splitter, one can cut or split the wood log into two ways – horizontal and vertical. Let’s know about them in detail.

  • Horizontal Log Splitters – These are ideal for users who want to split small, lightweight, and seasoned logs, which are 21-inches in length and up to 14inches in diameter. Here the ram pushes the wooden log against the wedge and thus results in its splitting. It works fine to split log, which won’t have problem to lift and place them in horizontal position onto splitter.
  • Vertical Log Splitters – It is more effective than horizontal one, why because it allows you to split larger or heavier logs without lifting to place it on the splitter. All you need is to roll the log simply in the correct position and then pivot the wood properly. You can split a larger and heavier log on ground. If you want to split heavy logs consistently to lift easily then choose a vertical log splitter.

Most of the models offer both functions with ease and enable you to transit between horizontal or vertical position.

8. Wheels and Ball Hitches:

Choose a splitter with wheels to let you move the device easily into your shed or garage after its usage. One can be able to move splitter with wheels to a safe place either for splitting the log or its storage.

In case, if you need to tow the log splitter, then use a ball hitch to accomplish towing. You have to be careful while traveling with log splitter, why because some may not travel safely at freeway speeds.

9. Construction Material:

The log splitters are designed to last longer with trouble-free wood splitting. So, prefer to choose a splitter which comes with steel construction for durable and long-lasting nature of a unit. Rather than purchasing a cheap quality plastic splitter, as these splitters need to be used for many years to come without buying them repeatedly.

10. Other Features:

Here are some additional features which one has to consider for a safe and effective usage of log splitters. Have a look on these features and check before its purchase.

  • Fuel Capacity – Checking the fuel capacity of a machine, which is powered by gasoline will let you not to waste your time and efforts for refilling the fuel. Also, a log splitter with large fuel capacity will allow it to run for long time without any interruptions.
  • Detachable Parts – It is must to have while using the gas-powered log splitters, as it helps you to take out the splitters part separately for a deep cleaning and maintenance.
  • Auto-Return – After the log splits, this feature will bring back the piston to its starting position automatically. This will build up a steady tempo and thus saves your time by preparing and placing the next wood piece for splitting.
  • Stand – The log splitters has to bend while operating. So, to get rid of this issue, most of the products come with a stand. This will raise the log splitter from floor level to the required height for an ergonomic operation.
  • Adjustable Height – The log plate of a splitter comes with height adjustability to cut through logs of various sizes. In general, most of the splitters offer at least 2 – 3 positions of height adjustment for proper cutting of wood.
  • Zero Voltage Switch – It is a safety feature to consider while using electric log splitters. As it is capable to turn off the unit while there is any power outrage. Thus, it prevents the splitter to get turned on automatically, even when power comes back.
  • Low Oil Switch – This safety switch will turn off the engine when there are low levels of hydraulic oil. Thus, it avoids any damage caused to its working mechanism and thereby prolongs the machine usage and lifespan. This also let you know when to refill the oil in the tank.
  • Wedge Speed – It’s essential to check the wedge speed. For this, you have to purchase dual speed log splitter, where the wedge goes towards the log at high speed and then slows down to apply pressure and split the log. It will enhance the efficiency of your log splitting device.
  • Log Clamps – It would be a tricky process to keep the log firm while operating, as some are slippery whereas large wooden pieces are heavy. So, log clamps will keep the logs/beams in place.
  • Grip – Ergonomic grip of a unit is essential safety feature to check, especially while working for extended periods of time or using two-hand operation, where you have to hold the handle with both hands for operating the unit properly.
  • Inbuilt Trays and Log Cradles – It collects and holds the log after splitting without making you to bend for collecting all those splits. Also, remember this build-in log tray will make the electric log splitters a convenient and better option for users.

11. Safety and Durability:

Before buying any product, especially the power tools, one has to check whether the tool is safe to use and lasts longer. For this log splitters, you have to know how safely and effectively you splits logs without causing any harm. However, it’s always suggested to read all the instructions in the manual to know how safely use this tool along with its construction to make it last longer.

12. Brand:

For most people, brand represents quality and it is true in most cases. If you prefer to purchase a quality product then simply go for a branded product that comes within your budget. Also, ensure that engine/motor are made from good construction quality before its purchasing.

13. Price:

The budget range you are going to fix on a particular product will not only depend on the brand, features, or capacity but also on its usage. In general, this log splitters are used to supply amount of woods/firewood required for winter month. In case, you need the supply of wood for more than 8 months then simply invest in the splinters around $1000 or more. Otherwise, for occasional home or professional usage, you can prefer to buy splinters from $200 – $700.

14. Warranty:

Log splitters are used to cut a large wood or hard log pieces and thereby undergoes a lot of wear and tear. Hence, one has to check its durability & reliability before purchasing the given log splitters. For this, you have to look for the warranty duration offered by the manufacturer on their product. Some of the power tools come with a warranty of 1 – 3 years. While the manual log splitters offer a 5 years long warranty.

Types of Log Splitters:

One can differentiate between splitters by how they are powered and what they capable to perform. So, going to the selection process, you have to pay attention to what types of logs you’re going to split and thereby purchase the splitter which comes with essential strength to complete the task. Hence consider log size & its age, wood type along with the log splitter types before its purchase. Here are the types of log splitters, which you have to know.

1. Gas Splitters:

It suits best for larger, heavier and more enormous logs, as they split the strong wooden logs effectively. They come in various models like regular hydraulic models, super-fast kinetic models, two-way separation models and horizontal – vertical models. These are powerful, stronger and work with more power than other types. One can use this splitter for up to 37 tons and its capacity may be even higher while using for commercial purpose. Ideal for logs with diameter larger than 12-inches and length with 20 inches or more.

Also, one won’t need to worry about power socket to plug-in but its essential to check the fuel in the engine before operating. These are quite costlier and heavier (hard to ship) and also require continuous maintenance routine. Since it generates a fumes and loud noise while operating, you are unable to use them for indoor work.

  • Advantages – More powerful and stronger, easy to use for 8 – 37 tons, the number of tons will be higher for commercial splitters, comes with greater log capacities, works well even it is not close to power socket.
  • Drawbacks – Costlier, require regular maintenance (need regular oil changes, spark plug repairs, air filter improvements, etc.), louder and heavier to ship, & not suitable for indoor usage.

2. Electric Splitters:

They utilize electricity to run the whole unit by simply connected to a standard power socket directly from 110V/120V. One can use this splinter in both indoor and outdoors. They operate silently without scaring any of your kids or pets or causing any inconvenience to others. These models are affordable, lightweight, small, compact and requires less maintenance. They are less powerful and has used for the level up to 10 tons and has poor logging capabilities than gas-powered models.

They handle logs with diameter of 12-inches and length of 20-inches. This convenient tool is suitable for indoor or residential usage and are easy to transport and store well. Suits best for average sized logs for firewood.

  • Advantages – Lighter, small & compact, affordable, operates silently, and suits for both indoors and outdoors in anywhere around.
  • Drawbacks – Less powerful and has lower capacity (10 tons) for logging when compared with gas-powered splitters.

3. Manual Hydraulic Splitters:

They rely on manpower to build pressure require to hydraulic oil for splitting the wooden log. They are efficient and can be available in either vertical or horizontal designs. All you need is to use foot pedal or handles for hydraulic pressure movement. Suits best for small to medium sized logs and smaller firewood.

They are easy to maintain and all you need is to lubricate the moving parts and replacing or adding hydraulic fluid. They deliver a force of 0 – 14 tons to split a log of 14 inches. The power exerted by the user will make the splitter work effectively. they are non-towable.

  • Advantages – Small, lightweight, easy to store, powerful design and reduces splitting time.
  • Drawbacks – Limited log length, and with low profile you need to bend the log for proper splitting.

4. Three Point Splitters:

It is specially designed to hook-up directly to riding vehicle or tractor easily to run effectively. You can drive it anywhere you want to split the wooden logs. They can handle any size and type of wood, as they are powerful. Mostly these splitters are used for farm and ranch work to clear land for both domestic and commercial purposes.

The cycle time of this splitter will be 6 – 25 seconds and has maximum log length of 48-inches. You can perform working without letting your tractor sit idle during winter or fall months. Simply add this 3-point log splitter to tractor and move to split the wood or bring the wooden logs in tractor and split them close to woodpile.

  • Advantages – Comes with a level of capacity within 13 – 31 tons, runs on tractor PTO power, handle any type & size of wood, and has towable design.
  • Drawbacks – It need to have tractor for its operation.

5. Screw Type Splitter / Skid Steer Log Splitter:

They are popular DIY’s where you can find a kit for your needs. They are powered by either electric engine or gasoline. Turn the screw head to push the log against splitter. The user can customize this splitter as per their needs and they are powerful and effective in completing the tasks.

Make sure to lubricate the moving parts and replace the belt whenever required. Take proper care on your gas engine (gas-powered) and check the cord wear (electric engines) along with other inconsistencies arrive while operating.

  • Advantages – Customize (as per your requirement), easy to use, powerful and works quickly and effectively.
  • Drawbacks – Limited in purchasing options.

6. Kinetic Splitters:

This type of splitters can be either electric or gas powered but won’t use hydraulics. They release stored or built up energy to power up the splitter and have a wide variety of splitting through various log sizes and types. They are powerful, work quickly and capable of handling both large logs and green, dense woods with ease.

When once you switch on the power source, the stored energy in flywheel is released and active the lever. Thus, it directed at rack and pinion with full force to split a wooden log. Finally, the ram returns to its position quickly. One can split higher number of logs in an hour than hydraulic one.

  • Advantages – Powerful, costlier, and efficient than hydraulic splitters, split the log within 3 seconds, and handles large and heavy logs easily.
  • Drawbacks – May occupy a lot of surface area and not easy to find the best models when compared with other types.

How to use Log Splitter?

After choosing and selecting your best and most suited log splitter then you have to know how to use them properly. Here is a detailed procedure that let you know how you have to use them to grab best results.

  • Initial Inspection – Set up the splitter properly before you start the process. Make sure to wear recommended safety gears like eye protection goggles, hand gloves, long sleeves clothing, and closed toe boots.
  • Installation – Put the splitter in a place which is free from clutter for easy cleaning after completing the task. The splitter placed on level surface and wheels blocked with chucks, bricks, wedges or any other heavy things to prevent it from rolling while operating.
  • Prechecking – Always, check the splitter before using. Check that jack is tight for manual splitter, power supply for an electric model and fuel levels on gas powered models.
  • Log Positioning – You have to place the log in exact location and ensure that splitter has tight grip on the log.  Now push the release for actuator to make sure it pushes through wedge of unit.
  • Clean-up and Reload – Take out that split wood from splitter and clean it to reuse/split another log.
  • Cleaning – Once finished splitting the log, you have to wipe out any dust or small wooden pieces, which may get clogged. Finally, store the unit securely in any place which is well protected by weather and other storage problems.

Safety Tips:

However, it is not an easy task of using wooden splitter and there might be some risk involved, irrespective of its type of wood or log splitter you’re handling. Here are some safety tips, which you have to follow them while using the splitters to prevent any injuries.

  • Be cautious while placing the wood inside the splitter. Hold the log on sides instead of keeping at its ends. Some wooden logs might have scratches, which let it split irregularly either at an angle or break into bulky chunks.
  • One must be alert while working with machines having blades. Avoid placing your hands in any wrong position on logs, particularly while splitting. Carelessness may result in severe accidents like cutting or squashing your fingers.
  • If you’re using splitter for first time or using a new type of wood splitter then you should have a helper or assistant to let you know how to operate properly along with protecting you from any accidents while operating.
  • Placing and lifting the log on log splitters will result in severe backaches and you need to perform some basic stretches and take adequate rest. Or else simply select a model that comes with height adjustment option or electric splitters.
  • Always wear protective gear and appropriate clothing (not too loose clothes) to protect yourself while splitting.
  • Maintain at least 10 feet away from the machine while switching it on. Read the user manual and follow their instruction on your safe distance while working with splitter.
  • Its must to wear a mask while working with hydraulic log splitter, why because the fluid may escape as gas when run under high pressure and this poisonous gas may cause blood poisoning or even death. Also, service the splitter from time to time.
  • Always use splitter in right lighting conditions like proper daylight or bright artificial lights. Avoid using them in area where it is poorly ventilated.
  • Its better to position the device on horizontal ground and lock it to prevent any movement while not using. Never ever place the machine on any slippery, icy or sloppy surface, as they make it unstable and thereby effect the engine’s efficiency and splitting quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How powerful log splitter do I require to select?

Simply, its all depends on the volume of wood/log you’re going to split with the log splitter unit. If the log is more massive then higher volume of wood on each side to break. For instance, a 4-ton log splitter will fit properly for 6-inch nodes whereas a 24-inch tree trunk needs a splitter force of at least 20 tons.

2.How the manual hydraulic log splitter works?

The manual log splitter uses hydraulic to cut through log. They have to be operated manually by pumping handles forth and back. Just like pumping a jack-up, this hydraulic piston will push the timber and thus separates the wood by slicing/ splitting.

3.What is the working mechanism of log splitters?

For most models, the motor will let the machine run properly. All you need is to place the log at end of ram on beam and allow it to push the log forward for its proper splitting. The pressure will cause log to split into adequate pieces, as per the unit’s design. In case, want to quarter a log, then turn it before setting the ram to make the job done easily. 
Although, most of the modern splitters come with an auto-return on ram, which are pre-programmed to get back to its original position after splitting the log. If they won’t have this feature, you have to pull the handle to bring them back to its position.

4.How to choose the best size of hydraulic pump for log splitters?

The speed and splitting force will be determined by its cylinder. So, the larger cylinder will exert more force and split the log quickly and easily. But requires more fluid to fill the cylinder. In general, Pi X Radius2 X Stroke is the formula for finding the volume of hydraulic cylinder. 
For instance, to find a hydraulic pump of a 4 X 24 then 3.14 X 22 X 24 = 301.44 In3 = 1.3 Gallons. Likewise, here are some values.
For 11 GPM pump = 7.1 seconds (1.3 g / 11 gpm X 60 seconds)
13 GPM pump =  6 seconds (1.3 g /13 gpm X 60 seconds)
22 GPM pump =  3.6 seconds (1.3 g / 16 gpm X 60 seconds)
The 11 GPM pump suits best for fast and small splitter whereas for larger and heavy – duty splitter, a 5 X 24 welded cylinder will be used commonly. So, its always suggested to choose a hydraulic pump that comes with higher flow of about 16 – 28 for best results.


Log splitters can be highly useful if you have a lot of wood work and want to quickly and easily. You can even find different features and options in different log splitters that we have mentioned alongside with the various best log splitters present in this article. And we have even provided a detailed buying guide here that can be helpful to learn the various factors and options related to log splitters. All of these things can be quite handy if you are in the market for a new log splitter. Although, if you still cannot choose the perfect log splitter for you, here are some of our recommendations that you should definitely consider:

  • The Sun Joe LJ10M hydraulic log splitter is the most potent option present in this article. It has a high force rating of 10 ton that is much higher than other 6 or 7 ton options out there. You can fit a log up to 18 inches in length and 8 inches in width while using this log splitter. In other words, you can easily and quickly cut large logs using this. This log splitter can also be moved around quite easily due to the included 2.48 wheels. You get a 2-year long warranty with this Sun Joe log splitter that is quite decent when compared with other options.
  • Although, if you are on a budget, then you can consider going with the Kindling Cracker Log Splitter. Since it is a manual log splitter, it is simple and straight forward. You can fit up to 6.5 inch wide wooden logs in this splitter to cut them. As per its name, this splitter is made for cutting and splitting softer wooden logs that get used as firewood. One of the best things about this log splitter is that it comes with a 5-year long warranty with it. It uses cast iron for its build quality that makes it highly sturdy and reliable for longevity.
  • For those of you who are looking for an electric log splitter, the Boss Industrial ES7t20 can be another great pick. While it is a bit on the expensive side, you get a high 7-ton force rating that is much higher than other electric options out there. You also get a 2-year warranty with it that is quite standard in comparison to its alternatives. Its 2 HP motor offers convenient one-hand operation while cutting wooden logs with a hydraulic pressure of 3500 PSI. It comes with an automatic ram return feature for ease of use while cutting wooden logs.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!


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