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7 Best TV Antenna Preamplifier in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide


If you have an antenna connection present on your RV for TV services, you must get a preamplifier for your TV antenna to ensure best performance and high-quality output. A TV antenna preamplifier amplifies the signal which is being received by the antenna so that you don’t face loss or interruptions in your stream. If you are in the market looking for a TV antenna preamplifier, keep the following things in mind before you buy one.

  • Maximum Signal Gain: The signal gain or antenna gain represent the strength of signal an antenna can receive over a particular distance. Naturally, higher gain capacity will allow your antenna to catch stronger signals and provide you higher quality output.
  • Noise Level: If your primary purpose for an antenna preamplifier is entertainment, you should carefully check its noise levels. A higher noise level introduces disturbance in the video output from the antenna which is not favorable.
  • Warranty: The warranty period available on different antenna preamplifiers differs a lot depending on the brand. As preamplifiers are supposed to be installed on the outside, you need to make sure you buy a durable option with a long warranty.

It is quite easy to get your hands on a TV antenna preamplifier and get it installed. But, choosing the best option is somewhat tricky because the specifications of a TV antenna preamplifier is difficult to understand, and you cannot comprehend the compatibility with your application easily. To help you with that, we are going to put the best TV antenna preamplifier on this list today. And to help you pick up the best option, we will also provide a “Buying Guide” for the best TV antenna preamplifier later in our article, so make sure you check that out too.

7 Best TV Antenna Preamplifier in 2021

Best TV Antenna Preamplifier in 2021: Reviews

1. Antennas Direct TV Antenna Preamplifier

Antennas Direct TV Antenna Preamplifier

Antennas Direct is the most popular choice present on our list today for a TV antenna preamplifier. It is trusted by thousands of existing users and thus, present at the top of our list.

Coming in the 1st position, we have the Antennas Direct ClearStream Juice Preamplifier featuring 17.5 dB gain for VHF and 19 dB gain for UHF. As it is a premium preamplifier, it can easily outperform its competitors and avoid weak signals and noise. As the name suggests, it is a low noise preamplifier that is perfect for urban and rural areas that do not have efficient signal strength. It also offers top of the line overload protection to prevent damage to the antenna in case of a power surge.

The Antennas Direct ClearStream Juice Preamplifier is shielded with a completely weatherproof cast housing with a built-in low pass filter that automatically removes network interference and noise. Thus, it provides a complete noise efficient signal reception to give the best possible results. Along with the preamplifier, you will find a power supply, power inserter, two 36 inches coaxial cables, and 2 zip ties present in the package itself. It is backed with a 90 day warranty period which is considerably short for such a premium price tag.

Best Features

  • 5 dB VHF and 19 dB UHF maximum gain
  • Operates on 12 volts power supply
  • Premium TV antenna preamplifier
  • Best performance and output
  • Low noise preamplifier
  • Shielded with weatherproof housing
  • Built in low pass filter


  • Noise levels are very low
  • Antenna gain is quite good
  • Standard power supply needed


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2. Channel Master TV Antenna Preamplifier

Channel Master TV Antenna Preamplifier

Channel Master is yet another highly popular option as it has received nearly thousands of responses from its users. Based on the positive response of users, it must be an overall decent choice.

The Channel Master CM-7777HD Amplify Antenna Preamplifier is our 3rd pick for the best TV antenna preamplifiers because of its ample compatibility and reliability. It works with almost all indoor as well as outdoor TV antennas. On top of that, it can be installed with any of these antennas thanks to its compact size and weatherproof outer body. With The Channel Master CM-7777HD Amplify Antenna Preamplifier, you will find a higher signal quality along with reduced distortion. You may also find an increased number of channels over your network.

There is a built-in LTF filter present in the preamplifier that blocks the antenna from receiving any 3G, 4G, or 5G data signals which usually creates noise in your antenna signal output. On top of that, there is also an FM out of band filtering system present that blocks FM radio signals which cause over-amplification of the signal. There’s an easy push-button present on the device that allows you to adjust the gain within 17 dB or 30 dB options. It is also a reliable option as it comes with a year of warranty.

Best Features

  • 5 dB VHF and 30 dB UHF maximum gain
  • Operates on 5 volts power supply
  • Most powerful preamplifier
  • Highest gain level available
  • Built-in LTE and FM radio signal filter
  • 1-year warranty


  • Noise levels are quite low due to built-in filters
  • Voltage requirement is very low
  • Comes with a warranty period


  • Expensive TV antenna preamplifier

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3. Winegard LNA-200 TV Antenna Preamplifier

Winegard LNA-200 TV Antenna Preamplifier

Winegard is a favored choice for thousands of customers for a lot of RV accessories such as routers, satellite antennas, and also, TV antenna preamplifiers.

Our 3rd pick is the Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier. This preamplifier manages to amplify the signal for all types of antennas, making it a usable option even over long distances. While it increases the range of antennas, it also manages to increase the number of available channels in your range. The built-in TwinAmp technology manages to amplify VHF and UHF signals separately to provide maximum performance and an extremely low level of noise.

The Boost Clear Circuit technology, on the other hand, delivers the lowest noise level compared to most other preamplifiers in the antenna, which is more or less 1dB. It ultimately reduces signal dropouts and pixelation of video streams. The antenna preamplifier comes with a dedicated 110 volts adapter, a power inserter, and hose clamps for ease of installation. Even with a comparatively cheaper price tag, it has a year of warranty from Winegard.

Best Features

  • 18 dB maximum gain
  • Operates on 5 volts power supply
  • Value for the money preamplifier
  • Comes with a 110-volt power adapter
  • TwinAmp technology for separate VHF and UHF amplification
  • Boost Clear Circuit technology for low noise output
  • 1 year warranty period


  • Generates only 1 dB noise, if not lower
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • A reliable option in an affordable budget


  • The gain level should have been higher

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4. RCA TVPRAMP12E TV Antenna Preamplifier

RCA TVPRAMP12E TV Antenna Preamplifier

Those who want a compact TV antenna preamplifier with high gain levels should check out the following option from RCA. It is also the most affordable brand on our list.

The RCA TVPRAMP12E Digital Signal Preamplifier is specifically designed to improve the performance of outdoor antennas in areas where the network is scarce, and a high-quality stream is not possible. You can switch the filter of this preamplifier FM filter to block the interference from FM frequencies which is usually the main reason behind the noise in the signal. Whale extends the range of your device, is especially effective thanks to the 16 dB VHF and 22 dB UHF gain capacity.

RCA introduces a SmartBoost technology that amplifies the weak signal to a great extent so that you can get a better quality result on your TV as well as expands your channel options for the given range. The performance is further optimized with separate UHF and VHF amplification. The average intermodulation rate for the RCA TVPRAMP12E Digital Signal Preamplifier is higher than 60 dB, which is great for such a compact device. There is also a year of warranty present on such a cheaper solution.

Best Features

  • 16 dB VHF and 22 dB UHF maximum gain
  • Operates on 12 volts power supply
  • Most affordable TV antenna preamplifier
  • Compact size with high performance
  • FM radio signal filter
  • Separate UHF and VHF amplification
  • Over 60 dB average intermodulation rate
  • 1-year warranty


  • Available at the cheapest price tag compared to any other preamplifier
  • Great performance available with a compact form factor
  • Comes with a warranty period


  • Power requirement is high

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5. Channel Master Ultra Mini TV Antenna Preamplifier

Channel Master Ultra Mini TV Antenna Preamplifier

We are featuring yet another product from channel master on our list because of its high popularity. Unlike our previous choice, the following channel master preamplifier is a mid-range option.

The Channel Master Ultra Mini TV Antenna Preamplifier features four dedicated output ports so that it can be connected with four different applications simultaneously. On each of these ports, the available gain capacity is nearly 8 dB which is good enough for the price. It is capable of working with all types of TV antennas and CATV installations. The improved signal strength possible with the Channel Master Ultra Mini increased the video quality of your TV reception with an increased number of channels.

Similar to our previous choice, the Channel Master Ultra Mini is also designed with a compact form factor in mind to save space at the time of installation. Even if you mount the device outside your RV, you need not worry about its durability as it has a powder-coated weatherproof housing suitable for all types of climates. There is a 90 day warranty period on the device that lets you test the device extensively for any defects or compatibility issues.

Best Features

  • 8 dB maximum gain
  • Operates on 13.2 volts power supply
  • Budget friendly TV antenna preamplifier
  • Compatible with all types of TV antennas
  • Overall improved signal range and extended number of channel
  • Compact form factor
  • 90 day warranty period


  • Great performance for the price and portability
  • Suitable for outdoor installation
  • 4 ports are available


  • The warranty period is very short

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6. PBD HDTV TV Antenna Preamplifier

PBD HDTV TV Antenna Preamplifier

You might not have heard about the PBD brand before this article, as they are not as renowned as other choices from our list. Still, we are featuring a TV antenna preamplifier from PBD for its low price range.

The PBD HDTV Preamplifier is offered at a very low price tag compared to premium and even mid-range TV antenna amplifiers from our picks for the best TV antenna preamplifiers. Still, it features a great gain capacity of 16dB for VHF and 25dB for UHF, which is great for enhanced signal strength. It delivers a clearer signal, better signal strength, and also a higher number of channels for the user. It also comes with a built-in 4G LTE filter to avoid catching 4G signals completely.

All necessary mounting hardware required for mounting the PBD HDTV Preamplifier is present in the package along with detailed instructions so that you can install the device as soon as you unbox it. You will also get a 3 feet long RG6 coaxial cable with the preamplifier, which will further simplify the mounting position for you. It is also one of the few devices from our list that works over a low voltage requirement of 5 volts compared to other 12 volts options.

Best Features

  • 16 dB VHF and 25 dB UHF maximum gain
  • Operates on 5 volts power supply
  • Affordable TV antenna preamplifier
  • Suitable for passive antenna systems
  • Built in 4G LTE filter
  • 3 feet long RG6 coaxial cable included
  • Compact device


  • Gain levels are very high for the size
  • Highly affordable TV antenna preamplifier
  • Voltage requirement is very low


  • There is no warranty period

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7. Antronix TV Antenna Preamplifier

Antronix TV Antenna Preamplifier

Antronix is also a lesser-known brand to be featured on our picks today. But, its TV antenna allows high compatibility and the best reliability in this class.

Our last pick for the best TV antenna preamplifier is coming from Antronix, a rather fresh brand in the market. The Antronix TV antenna preamplifier also features a 4 port design with nearly 8 dB gain available on each port. It reduces image pixelation over the antenna network and boosts the signal for all connected devices. It will also improve overall cable performance and HDTV reception. Even though it is a budget-friendly option, it satisfies all SCTE standards for an amplifier.

There is up to 6 kV surge protection provided on this device which will protect it even from a lightning strike. The nickel plated housing on the outside provides the best protection against corrosion and other environmental damage to the device. The overall 3 dB noise figure gives a clean amplification to overcome weak signals along with a reduced noise level in the feed. Due to all of the external protection and high durability on the device, Antronix is providing a 5 year long warranty period so that you can use it for a long time without any problem.

Best Features

  • 8 dB maximum gain
  • Operates on 12 volts power supply
  • A budget focused TV antenna preamplifier
  • Four-port design
  • Up to 6 kV surge protection provided
  • 3 dB noise level
  • 5 year warranty period


  • Highly reliable yet affordable TV antenna preamplifier
  • Surge protection is very good
  • Nickel-plated housing for best corrosion resistance


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Buying Guide For The Best TV Antenna Preamplifier

Even though the entertainment industry has crossed the boundaries with strong connectivity and high-quality video streamers available over the internet, a lot of people still prefer to use the antenna connection. The main reason for that is getting TV service on the go at the time of traveling around or simply while camping at a distant location. But, the main issue in antenna-based entertainment service is poor service that causes interruptions and blurry images on the TV.

But, pairing your TV antenna with a TV antenna preamplifier will solve these problems once and for all. A TV antenna preamplifier amplifies the signal from the strongest receiving point of your antenna to give you the best possible results. While a preamplifier might not be needed in strong signal areas, it is definitely crucial for distant locations. Before purchasing a TV antenna preamplifier, you need to make sure it follows the following specification so that you can make your money worth it.

Noise Levels

The most important aspect of a signal based broadcasting service is the noise introduced due to interference of different signals such as FM radio services or cellular services like 3G, 4G LTE, or 5G. Because of the noise, you will not be able to enjoy the service you are looking for without distortion and unnecessary disturbances. Most TV antennas already introduce noise reduction methods to minimize the noise levels in the signal received. Hence, the preamplifier that you are going to use with the antenna must have a low noise level so that it delivers the best signal quality in the class.

Signal Gain Capacity

The gain capacity is basically the capacity of your antenna to receive a particular strength signal over long distances. Generally, even the low gain antennas operate perfectly around cities which have a strong signal range. But, the situation changes when you move to rural or suburban areas as the quality of signal drops drastically in these areas. With the help of a decent TV antenna preamplifier, you will be able to receive a similar signal even in these regions if it has a high gain capacity. With a decent gain capacity, you will notice the high quality of the stream, increased receiving range, and increased number of channels due to added range for receiving signals.

Supported Frequency Range

By now, you must know the terms VHF and UHF a lot while looking for antennas in the market. Well, you should also look for the supported frequency range for the TV antenna preamplifiers to be able to access these frequency ranges with your antenna. Most of our picks mentioned on the list today support VHF as well as UHF signals and allow a particular gain capacity for both types of signals. Having support for both UHF and VHF signals will allow you to access your favorite channels without worrying about the compatibility of the preamplifier itself.

Warranty Period

Preamplifiers are similar to every other electronic device present in the market when it comes to protection against environmental damage and durability. These devices can also get damaged because of moisture contact or corrosion, rendering them useless until a repair is in place. On top of that, some TV antenna preamplifiers are needed to be mounted on the outside. Thus, you should look for a long warranty period on your device so that you can avail free of charge repairs on your device if something goes wrong.


We can all agree on the fact that it is extremely frustrating to deal with low quality antenna signals as it needs frequent adjustments to just get the video feed visible on your TV. On top of that, you will notice audio issues, video distortion, and considerable noise levels in the feed which is completely unacceptable. To avoid that, you need to get a TV antenna preamplifier for your setup.

And to help you with that, we have brought the best TV antenna preamplifier right on your screen. You will find all necessary information present with each of our picks along with a helpful buying guide for some additional knowledge. But, if you want quicker advice, take a look at some of our favorite picks mentioned below.

  • RCA TVPRAMP12E Digital Signal Preamplifier is nothing short of amusement as this preamplifier is offered at nearly half the price of any other preamplifier present in the market right now. Even though it is a cheap option, it offers 16 dB VHF gain and 22 dB UHF gain along with a year of the warranty period.
  • As you have seen so far, the gain is really important in TV antenna preamplifiers. Thus, our next recommendation is the Channel Master CM-7777HD Digital Signal Preamplifier that offers the highest 30 dB gain for VHF. As for the VHF, it offers 17 dB gain which is also pretty good.
  • If you are looking for a long term solution for a TV antenna preamplifier, then Antronix Cable Digital Signal Preamplifier will be the best pick for you. Coming with a 5 year long warranty period, this preamplifier offers up to 8 dB signal gain on all 4 ports. Also, it operates on 12 volts supply which is standard for preamplifiers


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