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6 Best PEX Expander Tool in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide


PEX is a highly versatile special kind of tool which is widely used for a variety of applications. Mostly, you will find PEX being used for plumbing applications where you can quickly attach PEX to a pipe and solve your plumbing problem. PEX is a strong material and requires you to stretch it before you can put it on a pipe. For that, there are special kinds of tools available such as the PEX expander tool. These tools make the job easy and doable, even for amateurs with little to no prior experience in plumbing. Here are some crucial properties of a PEX expander tool.

  • Expansion Heads: The included expansion heads basically represent the compatibility of the PEX expander tool with different applications. Generally, you will get 2 to 3 types of expansion head for extended applicability.
  • Build Quality: The build quality of any tool is highly important because you will be exerting extensive force on the tool while using it. Thus, it should not have a weak stress concentration point where it could get potentially damaged.
  • Mode of Operation: The mode of operation for a PEX expander tool can either be manual or electrical, depending upon the choice you make. While electrical options are easier to use, manual options are cheaper and more durable.

Today, we will be going through some of the best PEX expander tools available in the market, along with their detailed specifications and short review that will help you understand the product a bit better. Also, there are some pros and cons mentioned with each of our choices that should make the choice even clearer for you. If not, you can also look at our “Buying Guide” for thorough information on these tools.

6 Best PEX Expander Tool in 2021

Best PEX Expander Tool in 2021: Reviews

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Pex Expander Tool

DEWALT 20V MAX Pex Expander Tool

Dewalt does not need an introduction as it has already been in the market for more than a decade, creating high-quality power tools and accessories. The following PEX expander tool from Dewalt is a highly premium choice.

Coming in 1st place, we have the DEWALT 20V MAX Pex Expander Tool. As automatic electric power tools are so popular right now, we will be starting off our list with electric cordless PEX expanders. The DEWALT 20V MAX Pex Expander Tool is capable of expanding ⅜ inch and 1-inch PEX type A tubes with the included expansion heads. It works with 20 volts input that powers a rotating automatic head action. It also has full trigger actuation so that it can be easily used in compact spaces.

As it is an electronic power tool, Dewalt has also included essential LED lights on the device that allows you to clearly see things even in the darkest corner of your house, which is advantageous for plumbing applications. While holding the tool, you will find the rubber overmold very ergonomic and comfortable to hold. As for the expansion heads, you can purchase Dewalt, Milwaukee, or Uponor heads for this tool. There is a 5 year warranty period offered by Dewalt on the DEWALT 20V MAX Pex Expander Tool.

Best Features

  • Premium automatic PEX expander tool
  • 20 volts power capacity
  • LED lights to work in dark spaces
  • Electric cordless PEX expander tool
  • Comes with ⅜” and 1” expansion heads
  • 3-year warranty


  • Ergonomic grip design for secured handling
  • Faster and accurate performance
  • Dual-sided hang belt to store the device easily


  • Very expensive compared to other options

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2. MILWAUKEE’S M12 Pex Expander Tool

MILWAUKEE'S 2432-22 M12 Pex Expander Tool

MILWAUKEE’S is also a great option if you are looking for electronic power tools. But, it is a highly premium yet reliable brand and offers very expensive choices.

If you are not looking at your budget while looking for a decent PEX expander tool, the MILWAUKEE’S 2432-22 M12 is just the right choice for you. Similar to our previous choice, this is also an electric cordless PEX expander tool that operates over 12 volts of power capacity. It also offers ⅜ inch to 1 inch capacity with a maximum stroke length of up to 14 mm, perfectly suitable for plumbing applications. And the built-in auto-rotate mechanism makes the operation effortless for the user.

The ergonomic design of the MILWAUKEE’S 2432-22 M12 allows you to use the power tool with a single hand while the quick cam mechanism gets the job done in an instant. As the device is highly compact and made with a right angle for the expansion head, it is easy to use in tight spaces and for repetitive applications. The overall build quality of MILWAUKEE’S 2432-22 M12 is very durable, considering it is made with all-metal gears as well as an integrated metal frame for the tool. Thus, it has a 5-year long warranty which is best in this price range.

Best Features

  • Most reliable PEX expander tool
  • 12 volts power capacity
  • Right angle expansion head design
  • Metal gears and integrated metal frame
  • Comes with ⅜” and 1” expansion heads
  • 5-year warranty


  • Highly durable PEX expander tool
  • Reliability is suitable for the price
  • A great choice for commercial application


  • Most expensive automatic PEX expander tool

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3. Yescom Pex Expander Tool

Yescom Pex Expander Tool

Coming to the manual type of tools, our top choice is coming from Yescom. This brand is one of the most budget-friendly options that make great tools for long-term applications.

Our 3rd choice for the best PEX expander tool is coming from Yescom. The Yescom PEX Expansion Tool Kit includes ½ inch, ¾ inch, and 1-inch expansion heads to get accurate performance for expansion jobs. Even though this option is highly affordable, it manages to meet all ASTM F1960 standards so that it is safe to use as well as durable for the future. You can use the Yescom PEX Expansion Tool Kit to fit PEX tubing in plastic as well as aluminum tubes.

The Yescom PEX Expansion Tool Kit offers great workmanship as there are long handles present on the device covered with a comfortable cushioning grip. This offers comfort and secured grip to the user while giving you enough leverage distance to get the job done with minimal force requirement. The tool and its accessories arrive in a durable plastic case so that you always have a place to store the peripherals once the job is done. Also, it makes it much easier to transport. There is a limited 30 days warranty available in case you receive a defective product in the package.

Best Features

  • Budget-friendly PEX expander tool
  • Manual operated tool
  • Comes with ½” ¾” and 1” expansion heads
  • ASTM F1960 standard approved
  • Works with plastic and aluminum tubes
  • 30 days warranty


  • Perfect choice for domestic applications
  • 3 different expansion heads are included
  • Durable plastic case


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4. IWISS Pro Pex Expander Tool

IWISS Pro Pex Expander Tool

IWISS is a premium brand that makes different types of manual as well as solar-powered automatic tools. Its PEX expander tool is a decent option that gives the best value for its cost.

The IWISS 1/2,3/4,1-inch ProPEX Expander Tool Kit is rather an expensive choice for a manual tool looking at its price tag. But, considering it meets ASTM F1960 standards and 3 different types of expansion hands, you will be using this tool for quite some time before you need to find another one. The IWISS 1/2,3/4,1-inch ProPEX Expander Tool Kit is chrome plated at all exposed sides to provide all-round protection against corrosion and similar environmental damage.

The included carrying case for the IWISS 1/2,3/4,1-inch ProPEX Expander Tool Kit is capable of securely storing the PEX expander tool as well as the expansion heads and a special lubricant also made by IWISS. The included expansion heads are precisely engineered to offer the best results for Uponor PEX, a tubing, and ProPEX type of fittings. And with the ergonomic grips present at the end of the tool, the IWISS 1/2,3/4,1-inch ProPEX Expander Tool Kit is securely operated by the user without risk of slipping.

Best Features

  • Premium manual PEX expander tool
  • Comes with ½” ¾” and 1” expansion heads
  • ASTM F1960 Standard approved
  • Includes a convenient carrying case
  • Precisely designed expansion heads
  • Suitable for Uponor PEX-A and ProPex fitting


  • Overall product quality is very good
  • Designed with durable material
  • Chrome plating to avoid exterior damage


  • There is no warranty period

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5. IWISS Pex Expander Tool

IWISS Pex Expander Tool

Up next, we have yet another option available from IWISS. It is also a manual type of PEX expansion tool that you should look into before moving ahead.

The following PEX expander tool kit from IWISS is very similar to our previous choice in terms of design and accessories. The IWISS PEX Pipe Expansion Manual Tool Kit also comes with ½ inch, ¾ inch, and 1-inch expansion heads that are manufactured according to ASTM F1960 standard guidelines. With IWISS PEX Pipe Expansion Manual Tool Kit by your side, you will never need to use a go/no-go gauge ever again for your pipe fittings. This tool kit can easily expand type A PEX pipes for insertion.

Apart from that, the IWISS PEX Pipe Expansion Manual Tool Kit is a perfectly viable option for most PEX pipes such as Propex, Wirsbo, Uponor, etc. In the package, you will find a hard carrying case that encloses the tool itself with 3 expansion heads and a suitable lubricant that comes in handy in tougher applications. The IWISS PEX Pipe Expansion Manual Tool Kit is a great option for domestic applications whether you are working on underground, wall, or ceiling pipe fittings.

Best Features

  • Premium manual PEX expander tool
  • ASTM F1960 standard PEX expander tool
  • Does not require you to use gauges
  • CAn be used with type A PEX pipes
  • Comes with ½” ¾” and 1” expansion heads
  • A lubricant is also included


  • All necessary accessories are included with a carrying case
  • Suitable for domestic applications
  • Applicability is high with different types of pipes


  • There is no warranty period

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6. IBOSAD Pex Expander Tool

IBOSAD Pex Expander Tool

IBOSAD is also kind of a lesser-known brand compared to other choices present on our list today. But it also makes it an interesting option as it features the most affordable manual PEX expander tool kit.

Most users look for a cheaper alternative for a casual purpose tool to be used at home or at a workplace. Thus, we are including the most affordable IBOSAD Manual PEX Pipe Expander Tool Kit in the last place of our picks for the best PEX expander tool kit. Even with the low price tag, it follows all ASTM F1960 standard guidelines for manual tools and delivers high precision while operating. There are 3 expansion heads available and included with the tool kit, which are ½ inch, 3.4 inch, and 1 inch.

IBOSAD has taken care of all your needs as this is an all-in-one package with all necessary accessories included within the same carrying case. Here, you will find the PEX expansion tool and its expansion heads. Apart from that, there are additional accessories such as a dedicated pipe cutting tool, lubricant, and a set of safety gloves. Also, there are additional slots available in the box to store extra expansion heads that you may already own or buy along with the tool. The precisely engineered tool kit is chrome plated for corrosion resistance to provide increased durability and lifespan.

Best Features

  • Most affordable PEX expander tool
  • Meets ASTM F1960 standard
  • Chrome-plated tool kit
  • High-quality lubricant included
  • All in one option with additional accessories
  • Comes with ½” ¾” and 1” expansion heads


  • It offers great durability and a long lifespan for the tool, as well as expansion heads
  • Suitable or PEX-A and ProPex fittings
  • Carrying case offers additional space for extra accessories


  • There is no warranty period

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Buying Guide For The Best PEX Expander Tool

Are you looking for a decent PEX expander tool, you should take some time out and consider reading our buying guide for the best PEX expander tool given below. Here, we will talk about some of the most important properties of a simple PEX expander tool that matter a lot in its application. Taking note of the following properties will allow you to select a proper option according to your application without spending a significant sum.

As you can easily get the best option by carefully choosing the right properties, you can avoid incompatible options. Go with the best option needed for your work in your budget. The PEX expander tools are designed for a longer lifespan and come at quite an expensive price tag. Thus, you should definitely spend some time understanding the product before you buy it so that you won’t have to return or replace the tool after getting it. Here are the most important properties of a PEX expander tool.

Expansion Heads

The expansion heads used with a PEX expander tool are the only variable parameters that allow you to use the tool with different types of pipes. Generally, the PEX expander tool kit comes with 2 to 3 types of expansion heads included in the package that covers all general applications. But, having additional expansion heads allows you to increase the versatility of your tool regarding different types of applications. Also, the expansion head basically dictates the possible type of fittings available with the tool kit.

Mode of Operation

Mainly, there are 2 types of PEX expander tools available in the market that are manual and electric tools. In the electric type of PEX tools, you can further choose between corded and cordless modes of operation. Choosing an electric option over manual tools has a lot of advantages. First of all, you will not need to apply any force on the tool as the built in electric motor will take care of that. Secondly, these tools are precise as well as fast in comparison with manual tools. But, electric tools are available at a very expensive price tag which is not ideal for a simple tool like a PEX expander tool. Also, cordless electric tools have limited battery life and cannot be used for long working sessions.

Overall Build Quality

The build quality of any tool is highly important. The general rule of selecting a tool is to make sure that the material used for the tool is harder and tougher than that of the workpiece. That also applies to the PEX expander tool kits because you will be putting enormous pressure on the tool either manually or by the electronic motor. Thus, there is a high chance of failure if the tool is not stronger than the pipe you are trying to expand. Also, the design of the tool plays an important role here as you need to avoid the tools that have sharp corners and reduced cross-section as these areas are potential for stress concentration which can introduce failure.

Carrying Case

The carrying case for a PEX expander tool allows you to carry the tool along with its essential accessories to a distant location without any problem. Generally, the PEX expander tool kits are already very compact in design which makes the carrying case even better for traveling.

Although, the carrying case also needs to be durable to support casual drops, shocks, and impact without damaging the accessories placed inside. In fact, you should look for a PEX expander tool kit that features additional slots for storing extra accessories that you can buy later on. This way, you can store all of the needed accessories in one place and carry them to the workplace without any problem.

Ergonomics of the Tool

The design and ergonomics of the tool are very important, for both electronic as well as manual tools. In the case of a manual tool, having a user friendly design will grant you a secured grip on the tool which often reduces the force required for application. Also, it does not cause strain on the hands even after a long session. As for the electronic tools, the ergonomics are still important considering the design allows you to reach harder places without struggling. This makes the job faster, easier, and more accurate for both experienced as well as fresh operators.


Buying an application-specific tool such as a PEX expander tool can be a little tricky for someone who does not have any prior experience with the tool or this type of job in general. The PEX expander tools are designed for professional as well as personal users, so you must know what you are buying before you purchase one.

Thankfully, all of our picks for the best PEX expander tools are great for all types of applications and suitable for most people. If you are unable to make a choice by now, take a look at our buying guide and try to prefer the properties that you want the most. Alternatively, you can check our recommendation and get one out of these options.

  • We all know Dewalt well and good for its power tools. The DEWALT 20V MAX Pex Expander Tool is a great choice if you want an automatic PEX expander tool. It comes with a ⅜ inch expansion head and a 1-inch expansion with an automatic rotating head for faster operation.
  • Cheaper options are also quite popular for personal use. Hence, our next recommendation is the IBOSAD Manual PEX Pipe Expander Tool Kit. Even though it is the cheapest option for a manual PEX expander kit, it comes with all necessary accessories included in the package, along with 3 different expansion heads.
  • If you are looking for a rather long-term option, the MILWAUKEE’S 2432-22 M12 12V Propex Expansion Tool Kit will be perfect for you. This is a highly premium automatic power tool with 2 expansion heads. Also, it comes with 5 years of warranty which is quite long for a power tool.


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